Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life-Cycle Of A Movie Geek

I found a VERY interesting article from thedroidyourlookingfor discussing The Six Stages of Movie Geek Evolution. The chart they created is not only hilarious but is also familiarly true. In fact after a few years it could even be used as a college theory or as THE standard reference for movie geeks around the globe. No I am not joking. 

Yeah everyone starts off at Familymovius Cartoonata, so this can be easily relatable to most people. Heck, a matter of fact I don't think I've ever left this stage because to this very day I still am massive Pixar fanboy and proud of it. Now then, the notion that I was a movie geek probably first entered my mind back during my early teens. This was the Blockbustericus stage of my life. During this period of life, I probably watched more blockbuster movies than most people that I know and was often left frustrated when those movies wouldn't even get a nomination come award season. The movies that did get nominated on the other hand I often perceived as being boring. Truth is, I didn't really see much of those type of movies. Although to be fair, some of those movie at that time didn't even  reach the shores of Malaysia where I live either because of our strict censorship back then or just because the distributors didn't think there was a profitable enough market over here. Other reasons include that as a student, I was on a tight budget, so money was spent mainly on the blockbusters (where I knew I'd have fun). But mostly the main reason was that  as a teenager, my general view of life naturally hadn't evolved that much.

So, as I reached my mid-to-late twenties and able to earn my own income, I started to discover and love movies that were not from the blockbuster category. How things have changed because nowadays I actually prefer those independent and award-winning movies (although I still do enjoy good blockbusters... give me a superhero movie anytime). I am now also aware that I'm nowhere near to being a proper geek. Before this, I had only seen few movies released before 1979 (the year I was born), so only now am I discovering that there are a galaxy of great movies from that time. I am catching-up though. So this is stage that I currently find myself at, which is a combination of the Sundancicus Robustus-Oscaria Subtitlus with a little bit of Filmsnobicus Hipsterata.

I've read a comment from the mentioned site that said the evolutionary process above can go on to full circle. After the final stage (Celluloid Sapien), you go back to stage one where you eventually go and watch movies with your children. 

So, which stage of movie geek evolution are you currently in?


  1. Aw man, this is a really nice chart indeed! And pretty accurate too. I think I did start with the first two categories before moving on to Sundancicus Robustus in my secondary school days.

    I move on to the next level in my late teens and now I'm bouncing back and forth between Filmsnobicus Hipsterata and Celluloid Sapien.

  2. yup, i agree... a very accurate chart...


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