Wednesday, September 7, 2011

List: 7 Favorite Movie Musical Scores

Ever listen to music and pretend imagine your in a movie? Especially while driving with the wind blowing ever so pleasantly in your face? Of course you have. That just goes to show how much music goes hand-in-hand with movies. It evokes pure emotion.

Here are my 7 personal favorite movie music scores. Remember these are scores, not songs.

#7 Driving With The Top Down (from "Iron Man [2008]" by Ramin Djawadi)

Probably the most contemporary sounding score on this list. This ultra-cool video is made by Youtube user LouieMoe16. The editing is awesome!!

#6 Star Wars Theme (from "Star Wars [1977]" by John Williams)

The main theme is probably one of the most recognizable scores ever made. It covers a wide range of emotions and just embodies the entire Star Wars saga. Legendary!

#5 Back To The Future Theme (from "Back To The Future [1985]" by Alan Silvestri)

Okay, I realize this won't be on most people's list but it probably earned its spot here due to nostalgic reasons. Back To The Future [1985] is arguably my all-time favorite movie. Heck, just look at the name of this God damn blog if you need reminding!!

#4 Superman Theme (from "Superman [1978]" by John Williams)

Yet another musical score that is immediately recognizable. Once again composed by the legendary virtuoso who is John Williams.

#3 Married Life (from "Up [2009]" by Michael Giacchino)

My mind always goes back to the featured scene above whenever my ear catches this score. And every time without fail my heart is filled with warmth and joy when seeing what a beautiful relationship Carl and Ellie have. It also an absolute certainty that I cry get sad and teary when it reaches part 1:25-1:45 of the clip.

#2 Gonna Fly Now (From "Rocky 2 [1979]" By Bill Conti)

Always gives that extra motivation when working out. Sure, this score is featured in all of the Rocky movies, but I mentioned Rocky 2 specifically because of the associated training scene featured above. Especially when Rocky starts to accelerate and separate himself from the kids at 1:34 and eventually he goes up those legendary steps. Darn, just writing this makes me feel like working out again ;P.

#1 Concerning Hobbits (From "LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring [2001]" By Howard Shore)

Just an utterly pure and magical score. Listening to this masterpiece makes me feel as I've just been to heaven.

Honorable Mention:

Okay, this isn't particularly a clip about a specific music score, but rather a medley dance performance at the 2010 Oscars for Best Original Score. The performance combined with the scores are simply scintillating. Featured are the scores for Sherlock Holmes (by Hans Zimmer), The Hurt Locker (by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders), Fantastic Mr. Fox (by Alexandre Desplat), eventual winner Up (by Michael Giacchino), and Avatar (by James Horner). The dancers are known as The LXD (The Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers).

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