Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gordon Ramsay Is A Ninja Assassin

The Malaysian version of MasterChef makes its debut tonight and I for one am really excited about it. I've been watching the US and Australian versions so its refreshing to see the show from a local perspective. I must admit though my culinary cooking skills are very basic but I do love watching these cooking shows. My favourite celebrity chef by far is none other than Gordon Ramsay. Yeah, that guy notorious for his foul mouth, hot temper, and aggressive attitude. He is just so darn entertaining. Many people watching his abusive behaviour on TV say they feel like wanting to slap him in the face. Well take a look at this clip below and see what happens when someone actually tried to do so.

I laughed out loud reading comments on the Youtube page such as "Gordon Ramsey is a JEDI KNIGHT!!", "Gordon Ramsey has freaking ninja reflexes!!", "Gordon Ramsay trained under Chuck Norris!!" and "He should have been in the London Riots, he would have taken them all down by just shouting at them". Now we know why he always has his hand up by his face. One comment even said that this was taught in karate as a "defensive stance when you don't actually want to look like your in a combative stance". I don't know any karate so I don't know how much of that was true, but I'm going along with it. What is more impressive is not only how quick he managed to block the slap but how he moved his face away in the same swift motion. 

Hey, I have an idea. Seeing that he is kinda old and portrayed as some kind of bad-ass, why not cast him in the next Expendables movie? Yeah, that was a lame joke I know.

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