Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awesome Video: Filmography 2010

I know I'm about a year late in posting this video, but its sheer awesomeness just has to be shared (also I need to escape this Twilight-Breaking Dawn pandemic starting today... sorry just not a fan). I first discovered the video while collecting material for my Christopher Nolan post where I featured a tribute clip towards that great director. Apparently that clip was inspired by this video here. Created by Youtube user genrocks, it features scenes from a whopping 270 movies that was released in 2010. As of writing, it nearly has 3 million views. For a moment there I thought there was something wrong with Youtube and it only counted my views alone ;P.

First of all the editing is majestic and some of the movie clips selected have formidable camerawork and cinematography. The scenes works cohesively together to seem like they were interacting with one and another. The song list selection is impeccable and the final video captures various emotions and themes. More essentially it showcases how good 2010 has been in terms of movies released. Its already November now, but although 2011 has had some great movies, I still feel its trailing quite some distance behind the previous few years in terms of overall quality. The silver lining, like I wrote in this blog's very first post, is that 2012 has what looks to be a good line-up. I just can wait for genrocks to come up with a Fimography 2011 video after this.

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