Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Babe-O-Licious: Laura Vandervoort

Okay, today I feel like humouring myself with my self-indulgent segment, Babe-O-Licious. Again, I'm pathetic like that, I know.Today features a Canadian-born actress, the ultra-alluring hottie known as Laura Vandervoort.

Just like the first babe to be featured in this segment, the sizzling hot Odette Annable, I first noticed Laura from a TV series, which is the reboot of 1980s classic "V". As was the case on that show, she again plays the role of an alien, only this time from planet Krypton, in popular series Smallville. Yup, she was the person behind the character of Kara Zor-El or better known as Supergirl.

Darn! If all aliens looked as ravishing like this, let them all invade us this very instant! Take me to your leader, please!

In terms of films, she had a role alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the rather under-rated movie The Lookout [2007] and will also be featuring in next year's This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy. She also stared in straight-to-video films like Into The Blue 2: The Reef [2009] and Damage [2009] alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Alert! At the age of 16, she earned a second degree Black Belt in karate.

I think its rather cliché when beautiful celebrities say they were tomboys and weren't popular back in high school. Sometimes they say that they were dorky during those young days too. I feel most of the time that's bullshit, it just a way to endear themselves to the average man. But in Laura's case, she might actually have been a tomboy because other than karate, she also competed in football, basketball, tennis, and baseball. Quite the jock there. But then again, she might have secretly been using her powers as Supergirl to gain an advantage all this time.


  1. awek V! ha yg nih hot...tapi..I prefer her mom :P...rocking that pixie look

  2. ahh... mak dia pon cun gak... FUN FACT: Morena Baccarin who plays Laura Vandervoort's mother on "V" is actually only 5 years older than her "daughter".


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