Friday, November 11, 2011

Babe-O-Licious: Odette Annable

OK, I've decided to add a new segment to this blog appreciating a few hot actresses. You're right, this is beginning to turn into that kind of blog ;P. I know, kinda pathetic but who cares?

Today features the newest star from the TV series House MD, one uber-hot chick who goes by the name of Odette Annable. Before she got married (noooo!!!!) in October 2010, she went by the name of Odette Yustman. As an avid fan of House MD, I know that it takes a certain amount of attractiveness (besides talent) to replace Olivia Wilde on the show. I mean Olivia was once voted by Maxim magazine at the pinnacle of their Hot 100 list while she was on the show. Odette also stars in another TV series, Breaking In, which I just discovered and becoming a massive fan of (cool and entertaining series, check it out).

As for movies, she started out at a young age in Kindergarten Cop [1990] along side Arnold Schwazenegger, and years later went on to headline The Unborn [2009]. She has also stared in Cloverfield [2008], And Soon The Darkness [2010], and You Again [2010] amongst others. But it is believed that being cast as a regular on House MD will really skyrocket her popularity into the mainstream, just like how the show did for Olivia Wilde.

Darn, I always love girls with long legs! Some have said she looks a lot like Megan Fox. In fact in an episode of Breaking In, they even played to that fact to their advantage. As far as physical comparison goes, that is indeed a huge compliment. But I have to say though that to me Odette is a much better actress than Miss Fox. Interesting enough though, Odette had a minor role in Transformers [2007] (which Megan Fox gained stardom) playing an unnamed socialite.

 Her mother is Cuban, so she also speaks Spanish. In their wedding vows, she made her husband Dave (whom she met on the set of tv series, Brothers & Sisters [2006-2011] ) promise to learn Spanish. She also hopes to pass down the language to her kids one day.


  1. she is pretty...not the best actress though..oh Breaking In survived for 7? eps je...I digged that show..kecewa.

  2. They actually renewed "Breaking In" for another season:

    The problem now is that Odette is attached to "House", so there might be scheduling conflicts

  3. good to hear! will be looking forward for it next year

  4. Never heard of this woman before, but will now keep my eyes open. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Thanks Vern. But she is more known her her work on TV. I haven't seen any of her movies yet.

    1. Hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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