Thursday, November 3, 2011

List: Favourite Christopher Nolan Movies

As I wrote in a previous post, the release of Cars 2 finally halted the record of 100% movies being awesome achieved by Pixar. So now in my view that only leaves Christopher Nolan as the sole developer to have ALL his movies being sublime in terms of quality. Although still considered relatively new, his cerebral and noir style of story telling has established him alongside the elite of film directors. The Dark Knight Rises next year has unbelievably high expectations.

#7 Insomnia [2002]

The only movie so far that wasn't written by Nolan. Adapted from a Norweigian film of the same title it stars Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hillary Swank. Just like the title of the movie, the characters and story are so interesting they literally will not put you to sleep.

Selected Quote: "I can't judge. There are two type of people in Alaska... those who were born here and those who come here to escape something. I wasn't born here".

#6 Following [1998]

Very few people have seen this directorial debut by Nolan because it was only shown at film festivals and had a very limited release (opened to only 2 theatres in the US). That happens to be a major loss because this character-driven psychological thriller is simply captivating.

Selected Quote: "Just because you break into people's homes doesn't mean you have to look like a fucking burglar".

#5 Inception [2010]

Many people will be shocked that this movie only landed on 5th spot, but I then say many of those people haven't seen most of Nolan's movies. That doesn't mean I don't think this movie is awesome though, because it definitely is. One of the most groundbreaking and ambitious movie ever made. And no inception was needed to be performed on me to make me say that.

Selected Quote: "You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream and fill it with their subconscious".

#4 The Prestige [2006]

A magical (pun intended) showpiece that is full of twist and turns. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale gives dazzling performances too.

Selected Quote: "Are you watching closely?"

#3 Batman Begins [2005]

This is probably the movie that made superheroes realistic and believable. Also capitulated Nolan from a "talented, upcoming director" to "one of the best in the business".

Selected Quote: "You must become more than just a man in the minds of your opponent".

#2 Memento [2000]

As if the story of short term memory lost wasn't interesting enough to me, the fact that Nolan told the story in reverse sequence just blew my mind away.

Selected Quote: "Facts. Not memories. That how you investigate".

#1 The Dark Knight [2008]

To illustrate how much I love the film is that I believe even after 20 years from now, it will still be among my all-time favourite movies.

Selected Quote: "How about a magic trick? I'm going to make this pencil disappear"


Oh, to close things off, check out this ultra-cool tribute video made by Youtube user djcprod. Cool editing, cool music score, cool tribute altogether. The only thing keeping it from being perfect is that the video includes very little clips of Insomnia and doesn't have any clips from Following at all, unfortunately :( .


  1. The Dark Knight is a phenomenal movie full of hardcore action, Oscar-winning performances, and a great story to tell.

  2. What great movie Inception is! There is superb story in this movie. The idea behind this movie is awesome. Many people could not understand what was happening in the movie.

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  3. denialjohnn: absolutely true... chris nolan is a genius


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