Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Tower Heist [2011]

In A Nutshell:
Josh Kovacs (played by Ben Stiller) is building manager for a highly luxurious residential tower in New York. Kovacs has struck up a friendly relationship with one of the tower's top and wealthiest client, Arthur Shaw (played by Alan Alda). Kovacs even had Shaw handle the tower's employee pension fund. However the FBI shows up and arrest Shaw for a Ponzi Scheme he pulled with all his investors' money including the mentioned employee pension fund. Kovacs in turn decides to assemble a team to steal $20 Million that he believes Shaw has hidden in his apartment.
Thumbs Up:
+ A sequence near the end of the heist involving an old Ferrari (I don't want to give too much away) offer a little bit of thrill (keywords here: "a little bit")
+ Eddie Murphy, Michael Pena, and Tea Leoni gives somewhat decent comedic performances albeit nothing really to get excited about
Thumbs Down:
- The heist sequence provides very little excitement or suspense. I never got the feeling that anything was going to turn wrong. There was also nothing that you can categorize as being clever involving the entire scheme.
- Maybe the point mentioned above was partially caused by the music score, as it fails miserably to ignite any sense of suspense or excitement
- The jokes at its very best are only able to reach "amusing" level
- The story is full of implausible scenes and plot holes
The Verdict Is In:
As far as heist films goes, I actually don't mind a few implausible scenes here and there. These types of movies are after all very much a medium of escapism and are meant for having fun. However, this suspension of belief can only happen if other elements of the movie are well executed. This unfortunately is not case for Tower Heist. The actual heist sequence itself leaves much to be desired. I can name plenty of other movies which heist scenes offer at least double the excitement and cleverness. As for the comedy, I got a few smiles here and there, but I certainly can get more giggles in a 20 minute sitcom than this entire movie which happens to be 5 times longer. At the end of the day, this movie is ultimately forgettable.
5.5 out of 10

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