Tuesday, December 27, 2011

List: 5 Favourite Short Actors

The other day while taking a break from work and browsing Facebook at the office (Come on, don't judge me, statistics shows everyone does it at work too, FACT!), something piqued my interest significantly. A friend had posted a picture of his encounter with hot-leggy-tennis-babe, Maria Sharapova. Apart from the fact that the former world number one looked stunningly hot up-close, what struck me as interesting was how short my friend had looked beside the Russian beauty. I mean my friend is about an inch taller than me so that had me wondering how I would have looked like if I stood beside her or any other celebrity.

As an Asian, I'm not really considered short at 5 feet 7 inches. I would say I'd be placed in the lower-average category of males. But compare me to males from other continents, and I'll end up short. Literally and figuratively speaking! So I navigated the internet to find which actors that if I was standing next to would not actually dwarf me. I found quite a few popular actors that are generally considered short, many whom I have admired their work for such a long time. So here is my list of favourite short actors. I've set the requirement of the actor being shorter or at the very most is 2 inches higher than me. And because of the nature of Asians being naturally "small", I've limited them to just one place on my list. Note that I'm relying on the Internet and there's no way for sure to gauge how accurate these heights are.

Honourable Mentions: Ben Stiller (5ft 8in), Woody Allen (5ft 5in), Jackie Chan (5ft 9in), Dustin Hoffman (5ft 5.5in), Christian Slater (5ft 8in)

#5 Robin Williams (5 Feet 8 Inches)

Funnyman Robin Williams not only has a wicked sense of humour, but he has also proven that he has some pretty serious acting chops too by winning an Oscar and being nominated on 3 other occasions. I remember first seeing him when I was very little in the movie Popeye [1980]. He has since been in plenty of wonderful movies.

Selected Movies: Good Will Hunting [1997], Dead Poets Society [1989], Insomnia [2002], Awakenings [1990], Aladdin [1992]

#4 Jet Li (5 Feet 6 Inches)

I wonder how many people had looked at Jet Li's slight frame and think "I can take him on", only then to get their ass kicked by him. The former wushu champion is one of the best martial artist in cinematic history.

Selected Movies: The Legend [1993], Once Upon A Time In China 2 [1992], Hero [2002], Lethal Weapon 4 [1998], The Expendables [2010]

#3 Al Pacino (5 Feet 5 Inches)

This living legend really needs no introduction. Easily one of the greatest actors of ALL-TIME!! Don't try to screw him, because he will grab you by the head and say "I know it was you".

Selected Movies: Godfather [1972], Godfather Part 2 [1974], Heat [1995], Scarface [1983], Carlito's Way [1993]

#2 Tom Cruise (5 Feet 7 Inches)

Despite how wacky his personal life is nowadays, I've always admired Tom for his on-screen performances. Few actors can claim to posses the level of charisma that he brings to each of his roles. Oh, and in box-office terms, not many on the planet are better than him.

Selected Movies: Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol [2011], Top Gun [1986], A Few Good Men [1992], War Of The Worlds [2005], Jerry Maguire [1996]

#1 Michael J. Fox (5 Feet 4 Inches)

Yeah, I've blogged about how much he inspired me while growing up during the 80s in one of my previous post Secret Movie Confessions: Teen Wolf [1985]. If you haven't noticed yet, the name of this blog is a direct reference to my all-time favourite movie, Back To The Future [1985].  He has also carved his name working on TV with Family Ties [1982-1989] and Spin City [1996-2002]. For someone so small in stature, there definitely isn't anything small in his personality as he exudes immense charisma and impeccable comic timing. He will always be one of my heroes.

Selected Movies: Back To The Future [1985], The Frighteners [1996], Doc Hollywood [1991], Bright Lights, Big City [1988], Casualties Of War [1989]


  1. Michael j fox! way cool! ..got a friend yg selalu sembang pesal 1st back to the future...aaahh fun times..
    and al pacino lagi pendek dari aku??!?!? hoh!

  2. haha... cam x caya je Michael Corleone cuma 5'5"


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