Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me And My Superhero Childhood

Illustration By Vanzonline

I had originally intended this as an intro to a new infographic post, but then came to the realization that this topic could form it's very own entry. So I've decide to just elaborate on the idea and save the infographic post for tomorrow. Readers of this blog would probably know by now how much I love Superheroes. Just like this past year, I'm already immensely excited for next summer as The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises will all be released. Despite me not being a comic book geek, I've always had huge affection towards the Superhero genre. The foundation for this affinity probably has its roots during my time growing up as a Malaysian kid in the UK amidst the early 1980s. To encourage my brothers and me to learn a foreign language, my dad gave us comic books to read. Every fortnight we bought a copy of Marvel's crossover feature, Secret Wars and one other Superhero comic (usually we chose the one with the most apealling cover). 

When we came back to Malaysia in 1986, these "imported" comic books where darn hard to find in our area while the foreign exchange currency meant they were also super-expensive. While we would pick-up a comic every now and then, my comic book relationship had basically ended. However my fondness had never evaporated till this very day. Not just movies, but anything even close to resembling a Superhero that was featured on Malaysian TV grabbed my attention. Yup, not just the typical Marvel and DC shows like Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman but even these (mostly forgotten by me) classics featured below. Ah, childhood memories, good times!

# Plastic Man

Basically a more comedic version of Mr. Fantastic, but just like Helen Parr a.k.a Elastigirl from The Incredibles [2004], he could also change his body to ridiculous shapes like an umbrella or table.

# SuperTed

Just like the clip below shows, SuperTed had an extremely silly plot. But as a child, the show was still great fun. Haha, still can't get over the "Spotty Man" bit.

 # Super Gran

According to its Wikipedia page, this British show had won an Emmy Award, was sold to over 60 countries worldwide, and even had two video games made. Now that's impressive! Plus it had a really catchy theme song sung by Billy Connolly.

# Banana Man

I recall reading the comic strip in the papers and watching it on the telly in the UK, but can't seem to remember if the TV series was ever shown in Malaysia. Oh well, its still a child hood memory so I'll list it down nevertheless.

# Captain Planet And The Planeteers

As an environmentalist, I found this show kinda cool. Given the current natural disasters happening around the globe, the show is probably even more relevant today than it was during its original run.

# Darkwing Duck

Okay, this actually came out in the early 1990s as a spoof to other Superheroes. I remember it to be absolutely hilarious indeed.


  1. aku suka post nih!...tambah ada gambo psylocke kat atas nun!

    but aku rasa senang jer dpt imported comics ni dulu.. *im from Ipoh..some consider this ulu*...dari segi mahal...skrg lagi teruk bro...rm12-17 per issue...mampus!

    apa-apa good post..walaupon aku x cam langsung first 3 dlm list ko tu

  2. Aku ddk kampung yg 15km dari bandar klang. Masa tuh masih dikira pendalaman pasal masa "Mega TV" wujud dulu, rumah aku x dpt coverage pon. Aku dah carik satu bandar klang mmg xde komik "import" nih.

    Shah alam plak masa 80an baru jer bukak. Seksyen 7 yg skrang pesat gila, siap ada i-City tuh pon dulu ladang sawit jer. Kedai buku kat Shah Alam time tu kalo x silap pon satu jer... Marwilis kat PKNS. So, tmpt paling dekat aku tau jual komik nih ialah Subang Parade. Masa aku skola rendah, kalo bapak aku x bwk situ, mmg x jejak kaki la jawabnye.

    So, akhirnya bahan bacaan aku time dulu adlh majalah "Gila-Gila". Tapi layan gak kartun ujang "aku budak minang" time tuh... wahahaha


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