Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wait Is Over..... Filmography 2011

A while back I posted Filmography 2010, a compilation video that features clips from a whopping 270 movies belonging to the year 2010. To this day I firmly believe that it is the most perfect compilation video I have ever seen, either on Youtube or anywhere else. There's probably millions of compilation videos out there, but this one's editing, featured music, and how the scenes interacted with one another as well with the music was simply majestic.

Now, the creator of that video, Youtube user genrocks, has come up with this year's version, Filmography 2011 featuring clips from 230 movies either produced or distributed in 2011. Personally I still think Filmography 2010 is better, but that's probably because the music featured there was more solid plus the fact that I've watched the video countless of times. For a moment I thought something was wrong with Youtube because at the time of writing, it had only 2,936,842 views. I could have swore that was the current figure for my views alone, hah! But still, this new one is also pretty darn impressive, head and shoulders above other videos and a fitting way to end 2011. Not only does it features the films of the past year, it also captures the joy and emotion that we want to experience as movie lovers.

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