Friday, January 20, 2012

Characters From "Community" As X-Men

One of my favourite TV shows right now is comedy series Community. While one of my favourite superheroes are the X-Men (I have a special place in my heart for superheroes, as written in a previous post). Well apparently illustrator Aviv Or has combined the two in his caricature drawings, so behold... Community-X!!

Very good work indeed Mr. Or! And since Community's theme each episode is spoofing various pop culture and movie styles, I have to say this is very fitting indeed. Plus, each X-Men character fits their Community counterpart too. For example, Pierce is always seen as the bad guy in the study group so he is very fitting as Magneto, while Jeff as the leader of the study group is of course Cyclops. Here's the illustrations for the individual characters:

# Jeff Winger as Cyclops

# Britta Perry as Jean Grey

# Abed Nadir as Professor X

# Troy Barnes as Wolverine

# Pierce Hawthorne as Magneto

# Shirley Bennett as Storm

# Annie Edison as Shadowcat

# Ben Chang as Nightcrawler

# Dean Pelton as White Queen

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