Monday, January 9, 2012

The Lion King: Homage Or Stealing?

Disney will re-release one of it's classic animation, Beauty And The Beast [1991] this weekend in brand new 3D format. This of course is not the first time Disney had re-released a movie with that enhanced technological improvement. Last year they had re-issued another one of their well known films, The Lion King [1994] in 3D.

During its initial release, The Lion King was hailed as the first Disney Animation with an original story-line unlike previous films like The Little Mermaid [1989], Aladdin [1992], or Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs [1937] which were based on existing materials. But was it really an original material? Check out this clip below from the now defunct Rotten Tomatoes Show [2009-2010]:

Now I understand most movies are inspired or pay homage to earlier films, but there is a distinct difference between "inspired" or "homage" and "stealing". Now I've never seen the anime Kimba The White Lion, but based on the clip above, my verdict is: STEALING!! The offical statement from the people at Disney is they never heard of the anime which pretty much rules out the "inspired/homage" argument. No way are the similarities a coincidence. And this is coming from a Disney fan like myself.  At very least is they should acknowledge the source material.

Oh, well to end things off, check out this parody video where the audio from the new The Dark Knight Rises [2012] trailer is mixed with footage from The Lion King. The resulting video, The Lion King Rises actually works pretty well indeed...

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