Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Movie Resolutions

First of all, I'll be holding off my Favourite Movies Of 2011 list until I catch up on a few films. My local Malaysian release schedule means a lot of good movies are yet to be shown here, so I'll probably wait until I catch The Descendants [2011] this month. Hopefully the list will be finalised by the end of January.
All right then, I realize that this post is a few days late but still, here are my resolutions, movie-wise, for the year 2012. Oh, and I better make these rather significant ones too because if those Mayans are to be believed, I might not get a chance to do any more resolutions after this. Haha, seriously though, there is no chance the world will end this year as we all know Marty McFly arrives to see his future in 2015, while a Terminator that resembles a certain former California Governor had arrived in 1984 from the year 2029.....

Okay, enough with the fooling around. For this coming year I vow to do the following:

 # Watch More Classic Films

Every now and then when I watch a movie that is not from the last two or three decades, I am reminded of how many great movies I have yet too see in my life. For example, its amazing to think that I have yet to see a single movie starring the legendary Charlie Chaplin. And ever since I started blogging (which is still very recent as last August), I've been even more overly-focused on newly released movies. Which is ironic seeing that the trend nowadays is to remake or reboot old material.

# Watch More Non-English Movies

A Separation [2011] from Iran

Not only is Hollywood obsessed with remaking old material, they are all rushing to make their own version of "foreign" movies. Even if the material is as recent as a year ago (yes, looking at you David Fincher). Just goes to prove that there is a galaxy of great movies that just happen to not be in the English language. I guess its time for me to explore these even more. Immediate target: watch A Seperation [2011].

# Watch More Horror Movies

Horror has never been my first choice when picking what to view, and that is rather surprising considering that they usually provide such fun experience especially when in a packed cinema. I haven't seen enough of this genre which is why in my Happy Halloween - Tribute To Horror Movies blog post, I've failed to come up with a list of favourite horror movies. In the end I just had to settle with posting a tribute compilation video instead. Hopefully I'll get to post that list for this year's Halloween.

# Watch More Short-Films

I've already made a column on this blog dedicated to short-films (so far only two have been featured: Logorama [2009] and Numerica [2010]). There are plenty gems out there and quite frankly, with its duration spanning from only 2 to 30 minutes, everyone actually has the time to watch. I'm sure many of us has seen and enjoyed the short-film Struck [2008] featured above. And how much time of our lives did it cost? Just 7 minutes!

# Get More Blu-Rays For The Special Features

When you love a movie so much, you'll probably geek out at the special features the Blu-Ray provides. I have very few Blu-Rays as they are quite expensive here in Malaysia, but if they are as exciting as the ones in the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary (photo above is the storyboard for the original-intended script), it'll be well worth it.

# Favourite Television Shows

Okay, this part is not actually a resolution, but I just wanted to say: How the hell did I not follow The Big Bang Theory before this??? The show is awesome!! I mean I was aware of its existence before but never got around to watching it.

So an update on my previous list of favourite TV shows will be comedies like Modern Family, 30 Rock, Community, Parks And Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, and the new additions: Life's Too Short, Breaking In, and The Big Bang Theory. I've stopped following New Girl too. I guess it was okay, but wasn't interesting enough for me to dedicate myself watching every week. For drama series it will be just House MD, The Walking Dead, Alphas, and Suits. Reality shows? Probably Celebrity Apprentice and the US version of MasterChef, as the Malaysian version sucks. Yes, I watch waay too much TV shows already.

Now let's enjoy a clip from The Big Bang Theory here, where they play the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.


  1. If you're planning on watching a Chaplin movie, The Kid is a good one to start with.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, looking forward to it already.

  3. hah! aku pon baru tgk Big Bang last year..abih 4 season aku tgk dlm 2 minggu...mmg best...tak sangka best!

    pesal foreign movies pon aku dah lama x usha..masa zaman uni perasan otak artsy mmg selalu ah gak usha..mmg ada a few gems..tapi lately..if not horror flick mmg aku avoid..cause selalu end up tertido..

    anyway hope resolution kor tercapai ini tahun

  4. haha... aku pon main cuba jer 1-2 episod season 5 Big Bang Theory, terus tersangkut and carik season2 awal...


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