Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Bourne Legacy [2012] Trailer

I know this is the 3rd trailer I posted this week, but I couldn't help it, Jason Bourne was the pinnacle of my 7 Favourite Movie Secret Agents List. However in this movie, despite having Bourne in the title, there is actually no Jason Bourne in it. Matt Damon has said he will only return to the franchise if the director of the previous two movies, Paul Greengrass is directing it. Greengrass in turn has said the possibility of him returning is zero.

So in this edition we have a different super-spy from the same Treadstone project in action played by Jeremy Renner. You could hear in the trailer "There was never just one" and "Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg". I believe bringing Renner on board to play the lead role will be a good choice as he often brings a lot of intensity to the characters he plays. Tony Gilroy who wrote the screenplay for the previous movies will be directing. Joan Allen, Albert Finney, and David Strathairn will all return to reprise their roles from the original trilogy. New additions include the equally intense Edward Norton and also Rachel Weisz. The Bourne Legacy opens in the USA on August 3rd.


  1. Incredibly excited by this now. I don't think many people had been keeping an eye out for this but this trailer is awesome. Renner, Norton, ass kicking action... I'm well up for it!

  2. Yeah... and a new Bond film later this year too...


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