Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Infographic: How To Make A Romantic Movie

We now enter the month of February, where the prices of flowers, chocolates, and cards all start to rise. Well it is the month of Valentine! So next week, to keep-up with that theme (and also as this blog's six-month anniversary), I'll be featuring this blog's most number of movies so far in a single post for my Favourite Romantic Movies List.

So in the spotlight today, as a prelude towards that post, is a guide to making a romantic movie. What this infographic basically tells you is that the process really does depend on the budget of the movie. And in a rather clichéd but funny way, the rest of the process is also very much true.

Source of Infographic:


  1. This made me laugh immensely! 'Spend all your money on a twee indie band' just genius!

    1. Yeah, its always seems to be the case nowadays with romantic movies!


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