Thursday, February 23, 2012

Troll Quotes: Misquoting And Misidentifying On Purpose

I know its kinda geeky, but I love quoting lines from movies in my daily life. Well I guess when you watch movies a considerable lot more than the average person, films do tend to constantly populate your mind. Speaking of quotes, some are so famous that the moment you hear them you can instantly conjure up the image of the movie it belongs to.

Which brings me to the subject of Troll Quotes. Basically they are memes that consists of three elements:

1) A photo of a clearly recognisable person or character
2) A clearly recognisable quote or statement
3) A clearly recognisable name that the quote is attributed for

But what makes it interesting is that none the three elements are directly connected with each other but are close enough in style or genre as to misdirect the viewer that the entire image is correct. At first I intended to create my own Troll Quote images for this post but was too busy (read: lazy) to do so. In the end, I decided to feature photos that I gathered from the internet, mostly from the website aptly named Here they are:


  1. I love movie quotes too, I was thinking to post some of them in a movie image like this but like you too, I'm too lazy ha2. But great post!

  2. How extremely strange. But kinda cool...

  3. "A picture is worth a thousand words" ~ Gandhi... haha... thanks for the visit guys

  4. Ahah, this is funny! That one of Spartacus quote on William Wallace had me in stitches, especially since you spelled it Spart-i-cus, ahah.

    That quote on Rambo could totally come from John McClane, I imagine he's got that smirk on his face as he's saying it :)

  5. Yeah, I could see John McClane saying that too... another one would be Robocop saying "I'll be back!"


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