Thursday, April 19, 2012

Retro Superhero Movies

I can't believe it. Only one week left before the opening of The Avengers which will officially launch the summer movie season. I've been waiting for this way too long. As I wrote in a previous post, Me And My Superhero Childhood,  even from a very early age I have been such a massive fan of comic book superheroes, so with The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises also to follow, I am simply geeking-out right now.

These past few years have seen an abundance of superhero movies being released. But what was the state of these type of movies before the era of CGI? That's what I'll be featuring today. Of course a lot of people are all ready familiar with the 1960s Adam West version of Batman and also the big-budgeted versions by Tim Burton. They were then followed by the horrible versions by Joel Schumacher (nipple suit and all). Most people also know the Superman films starring Christopher Reeve too. Some are also familiar with the Wonder Woman [1975-1979] TV show starring Lynda Carter as well. The same goes to Bill Bixby and Lou Ferigno's Incredible Hulk. I won't be featuring any of those today, but instead these less established ones below. I actually was excited by some of these movies when I was very young. How terrible they look now! Comic book fans who complain that today's movies doesn't stay true to the comics, they should take a look at how different these movies were back then...

# Captain America [1979]

A TV movie starring Reb Brown as Captain America / Steve Rogers. What's up with the motorcycle? And LOL at the bike-helmet and sunglasses.

Captain America [1990]

Now this version was released in some international cinemas back in 1990 before finally coming to the USA via direct-to-video and cable TV in 1992.

SuperGirl [1984]

The original choices to play SuperGirl were Melanie Griffith and Brooke Shields. The role eventually went to Helen Slater.

The Fantasic Four [1994]

Not only was this film never officially released, but the studios initially denied that the film ever existed! This footage however was leaked...

The Amazing Spider-Man [1977]

Made for TV movie in 1977 and had its own series running after that until 1979. This is the opening of the TV series from 1978.

Judge Dredd [1995]

Big-budgeted movie starring Sylvester Stallone. I can't believe I actually bought a ticket back then to see this. It truly sucked! I wonder how the reboot Dredd starring Karl Urban later this year will fare.

Spawn [1997]

My roommate in high school had a few of the Spawn comics and I though it was kind off a cool character. We intended to go see it upon its release but I believe to this very day, none of of us has actually managed to do so.

Thor (from the TV movie The Incredible Hulk Returns [1988] )

This is a fight scene between Thor and The Hulk. The scene is quite long so I'll feature this shorter clip instead where the video has been speeded-up although the audio hasn't.

Daredevil (from the movie The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk [1989] )

I didn't manage to find any original clip, so I've settled on this compilation video from the TV movie. Oh yes, the film had a stupid premise in case you were wondering.

Nick Fury: Agent Of Sheild [1998]

Oh, yes. Before Samuel L. Jackson, David Hasselhoff had actually played the Director of SHEILD.

Swamp Thing [1982]

This flick was directed by Wes Craven and was rather decent. It even had a sequel released in 1989.

Justice League Of America [1997]

Produced by CBS as a TV pilot. The show never got picked-up.

The Punisher [1989]

I believe there have been three Punisher movies, none of them being anything even resembling good. That includes this one starring Dolph Lundgren.

The Phantom [1996]

Other than Billy Zane as The Phantom, this also starred Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Barb Wire [1996]

Nominated for several Razzie Awards. But we were teenagers back then, and this starred Pamela Anderson. How were we ever to resist?


  1. Wow I had no idea there were this many. A word of warning though... avoid Spawn like the plague. Pretty cool soundtrack but terrible movie.

  2. Had a strong feeling that would be the case...

  3. ok wow jugak, tambah capt america yg lama2 tu, dan ff pon ada wat dulu? hoh!

  4. Reza... tapi aku rasa Captain America tuh rupa cam lawak jer... pakai helmet moto tuh

  5. wow those were some bad movies,,, Other than Swamp Thing I don't think I would bother watching/rewatching any of those.

    nice post

  6. I'm not interested in watching/re-watching most of these too. And I wrote this damn thing! Haha..

  7. Aha brilliant post! The only film I've seen out of the list though is The Phantom which is TERRIBLE! It doesn't even fit into the "so bad it's good" genre. I cannot wait for Avengers Assemble, SO excited!

  8. Me too Amy. After all the anticipation and multiple trailers & TV spots, I'm glad its only a few days away. Bring on your army Loki!


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