Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epic Showdown: Darth Vader vs. Gandalf

If anything the recent historical success of The Avengers [2012] has taught us is that people love cross-overs between characters. This is what Marvel Comics succeeded at doing, assembling largely established characters into a single franchise, just like what DC Comics did with The Justice League Of America. Of course, these cross-overs are between characters within the same company. So how do you top that? Bring together characters from entirely different companies of course. Despite the obvious complications, it did actually manage to happen a few years ago in the comic series DC vs Marvel Comics (photo featured below). It unsurprisingly became an instant success because let's face it, who doesn't like cross-overs especially involving rival companies. There are plenty more examples. Part of the success of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit [1988] was due to the fact that they had characters from both Disney and Looney Toons. Wrestling fans will remember the joy they had when rivals WWE and WCW combined to provide the fantasy matches the fans had always dreamed about into reality. I also loved a documentary series on TV where they pitted different animals in fantasy showdowns (my dream animal fight has yet to be shown... a gorilla squaring-off against a grizzy bear, now that would be epic). The point is these cross-overs and fantasy fights would truly be awesome!

So what cross over battle would you like to see? Among my favourite film franchises are the original Star Wars trilogy and also Peter Jackson's The Lord Of The Rings. Now as part of their Super Power Beat Down series, a production company named Bat In The Sun has created a short video which features the Dark Side of the Force's evil lord, Darth Vader up against the wise White Wizard of Middle-Earth, Gandalf. The good news is they'll be featuring plenty more fantasy showdowns to come and we will be able to vote on the outcome. Frankly speaking, this is truly what geek-heaven must be like!


  1. Dammit I'm gutted Gandalf lost! I thought he'd whoop Vader's ass. That guy who played Anakin was freakily good! LOL

  2. They have a alternate ending scene because they shot both outcomes since the result was based on viewer votes. As far as Anakin, almost anyone would be better than Hayden Cristiansen and Jake Lloyd


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