Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farewell Gregory House + Welcome "Suits"

Well it seems that there's only two episodes left until House MD [2004-2012] bids farewell. After 8 seasons my favourite TV show is calling it a wrap. It does make me feel a little sad, I've been so into the show its like loosing a friend, but I guess everything must come to an end. Not only are the medical cases on the show interesting but the genius diagnostician known as Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) is one of the most complex and sarcastic characters there is on TV. They've been teasing the viewers for the finale episode with the tagline: "Everybody dies", and with former characters like Thirteen (Olivia Wilde), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Masters (Amber Tamblyn) returning for that swan song hopefully it'll bow out with a bang. Oh, did I mention the show also features the Babe-O-Licious, Odette Annable?

Looking back through the years here a some of my favourite episodes:

# Pilot (season 1 episode 1): The episode that started it all. An introduction to maverick doctor and the formation of his diagnostics team.

# Three Stories (season 1 episode 21): House takes over a diagnostic class for a day and presents the class with three case studies of leg pain. This was the first time we get an extended view into House's history.

# House's Head (season 4 episode 15): House is involved in a bus accident. There was someone else on the bus with him who was dying but he couldn't remember who it was. Shocking episode. Left me overwhelmed long after the show ended.

# Wilson's Heart (season 4 episode 16): The follow up the previous episode mentioned above.

# Broken (season 6 episode 1 and 2): Taking off from the previous season's finale, House is now admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

# Help Me (season 6 episode 22): House and his team joins forces with a search-and-rescue team at a scene of an emergency. This episode was voted fans favourite on the official Facebook page.

# Nobody's Fault (season 8 episode 11): House and his team are put under review after a violent incident involving a patient occurs. Great acting and plenty of moments that make you gasp in this episode.

# The C Word (season 8 episode 19): Just shown last week. A set-up for the finale I guess. A gripping episode that reveals a side to House that we rarely see.

Other than being a complex and layered character, House is also known for his sarcastic wit. Here are some of my favourite quotes from him, also known as House-isms (there are plenty more, I just did a quick recall and search):

# Lies are like children... its hard work, but its worth it because the future depends on them
# I think my penis stopped breathing... does anyone know CPR?
# The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tells the truth
# Treating illness is why we become doctors. Treating patients is what makes doctors miserable.
# Is it still illegal to perform autopsy on a living person?
# Like I always say, there's no "I" in team. There's a "me" though, if you jumble it up.
# I take risks, sometimes patients die, but not taking risks causes more patients to die - so I guess my biggest problem is I've been cursed with the ability to do the math
# It's a basic truth of the the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what. The weird thing about telling someone they're dying is it tends to focus their priorities. You find out what matters to them. What they're willing to die for. What They're willing to lie for.
# We all formulate questions for the answers we want to hear
# If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic

So with the series ending what could be a possible replacement? Well I'm glad the show Suits [2011- ] will be making a return. The second season will start at the middle of next month. This show was ranked by BuddyTV at second place in it's list of Best New TV Shows of 2011. Just like how House MD made medicine interesting, Suits actually makes law practice interesting. What's it all about? Take a look at the clip featured below:

And just like House MD, Suits has plenty of richly interesting characters, my favourite is Harvey Spector (played by Gabriel Match). He's brilliant and arrogant but we still root for him because he packs plenty of charisma. Just like the way we admire Tony Stark. Harvey's relationship with Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) and their rivalry with Louis Litt (played by Rick Hoffman) creates some really great and funny scenes too. Rachel Zane (played by Meghan Markle) and Jenny Griffith (played by Vanessa Ray) creates relationship problems for Mike and also provides for some good eye candy. Harvey's assistant, Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty) is a hilarious character while Jessica Pearson (played by Gina Torres) makes a very good boss.

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