Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Survive A Robot Apocalypse

A lot of people fear a zombie or alien apocalypse. For the latter, we need not worry much. Despite their technological advancement, these creatures from outer space are rather dumb and our governments have proven time and time again that we are the superior race. Don't believe me? In less than the last 6 months alone, quite a few demonstrations have been shown as seen in my movie reviews here, here, and here. For the zombies, a quick search on the web will reveal multiple sites dedicated to surviving such an event and of course capitalism means someone will profit from it. The second photo above shows an actual zombie survival kit that is being sold.

But what about the inevitable robot apocalypse set to join mankind's history? We all know this will happen eventually. But unlike Sarah and John Connor, most people won't have a cool leather-wearing robot from the future that uncannily resembles an ex-California Governor to protect us. So how the hell do us average folks survive? Luckily, the guys at Epipheo have created a cool guide video to survive a future robot uprising. They've even brought in a PhD in robotics, Daniel H. Wilson, who is also bestselling author, to advise us on the situation. The video is very informative indeed. 

Frankly speaking, when the machines do eventually turn on us, I reckon the older folks are more likely to survive. The younger generation will just freak out that their beloved smartphones have turned traitors and access to Facebook and Twitter is no longer available. These guys stand no chance! Also it is very likely..... oh, wait a second, what is my washing machine doing at my bedroom door? Oh shit! HELLLPPPPPP!!!


  1. That was amazing! I hope your washing machine doesn't have a buzzsaw! Very useful, I'm glad you shared it... even if the graphic animation will give me nightmares for weeks!

  2. I had problems locating my washing machine's joints but ultimately prevailed.

  3. Sooo there will be no dogs in the future?

  4. Can you tell us how to surrvive a allien robot acopolyse?


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