Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There Was An Avengers Movie In The 70s?

This past week everyone has been buzzing about The Avengers [2012]. In my review I said it was a great movie but my ridiculously high anticipation had made me not 100% satisfied. A second viewing of the movie in less than 3 days though managed to changed my mind. It was mind-blowing awesome!! Expect more raving reviews from the blogosphere to come out since the guys in the USA will finally be getting to see it this week.

But did you know that there was a The Avengers movie released in 1978? Take a look at the trailer featured below:

Okay, okay. It wasn't a real film but rather a fan-created trailer made-up from various other superhero movies (and unrelated non-superhero movies too). Most of the individual movies involved in the clip had already been featured separately in my blog post of last month, Retro Superhero Movies. There's also another fan-made video of The Avengers, this time set in 1952. Check it out below:


  1. Ahah, my hubby just showed me this a few days ago! It's so comical and cheesy, but then again, it's the 70s! :D

  2. Well they just make me extremely glad I live now and not back then. Finally getting to see Avengers tomorrow! Excited!

  3. Yeah... 70s was very cheesy. In fact so was all superhero movies prior to the year 2000. Only when Brian singer came out with X-Men did things change.


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