Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goonies + Prometheus Mashup

I was expecting the summer blockbuster season this to be mind-blowing, but so far only The Avengers [2012] and Prometheus [2012] has fulfilled my excitement. Others like Dark Shadows [2012] and Snow White And The Huntsman [2012] was rather disappointing, especially that Burton-Depp flick (the latter movie was OK). But I'm still holding out hope that the rest of the summer will be a hit. Away from the big-budgeted blockbusters I'm really interested in seeing Moonrise Kingdom [2012] and Safety Not Guaranteed [2012] but there is yet to be a cinematic release date here in the country I live in. Hope that'll be settled soon.

Frankly speaking, I was rather surprised by quite a lot of bad reception that went Prometheus' way. Like I said, I think it was one of the more entertaining movies of the year so far. Oh well, you can't satisfy everybody. By the way I found this entertaining clip where footage of one of my favourite films, The Goonies [1985] was paired with audio from the trailer for Prometheus. The result is rather impressive. Never could I have imagined that Chunk's "Truffle Shuffle" (photo above) could be so terrifying!


  1. Allright that was clever. If they used the original footage of Chunk crying when he meets Sloth it would have been a great mashup

  2. You're right Vern. that would have been great.


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