Tuesday, June 26, 2012

List: 10 Favourite Pixar Shorts

The release of Brave [2012] last week signalled, at least in my opinion, a return to form for animation studio Pixar after the relatively disappointing Cars 2 [2011] last year. Just like every other Pixar movie (with the exception of Toy Story [1995] ), viewers were in for a treat as a short animated film was featured before the movie. This year the short was entitled La Luna [2011]. It is a heart-felt story that gives the admission price for Brave [2012] even more value.

Back when Pixar were just a graphics division of Lucas Film, they pretty much pioneered computer animation with the release of the short film, The Adventures Of Andre And Wally B [1994]. After being bought by Steve Jobs and being turned into an independent film studio, they released Luxo Jr. [1986] (photo above) which is now a synonymous image with Pixar. Currently 34 animated shorts have been released, and today I'll be featuring my 10 favourites. Even with shorts, it is apparent that this studio produces nothing but quality. They are master storytellers while the characters and world on display are just magical. Note: I don't know how long these clips will be available before being taken down.

p/s: Apparently there was a after-credits scene for Brave [2012]. I missed it. Thankfully it doesn't involve Nick Fury or Agent Coulson recruiting Merida as the newest member of The Avengers :D . But then again, she could give Hawkeye a run for his money and with Disney now owning both Pixar and Marvel, I am imagining a spin-off. Princess Merida is frozen in ice or drinks a magic potion from the bear witch and is awaken in the modern day by an idolizing Agent Maria Hill. She even has baseball cards on Merida..... somebody write the screenplay quick!!

#10 Dug's Special Mission [2009]

Included with: DVD release of Up [2009]

A spin-off from the movie Up [2009]. It also... SQUIRREL!!!... gives us a fresh new perspective with the events that took place in the film.

#9 Day & Night [2010]

Included with: Theatrical release of Toy Story 3 [2010]

Day & Night stands out from other Pixar shorts because of its uniqueness. One, its animation combines both 2D and 3D elements. Secondly, and I'm not really sure how to express this, but the overall feel of the story feels different too.

#8 For The Birds [2000]

Included with: Theatrical release of Monsters, Inc. [2001]

Cute and amusing. Won Best Animated Short at the 2002 Oscars.

#7 Jack-Jack Attack [2005]

Included with: DVD release of The Incredibles [2004]

Just like #10, this is a spin-off to The Incredibles [2004] and gives us a new perspective towards the events in the film. Of all the Pixar movies, The Incredibles is the one film that fans would like a sequel be made off the most. This short just wets the appetite even more.

#6 Geri's Game [1997]

Included with: Theatrical release of A Bug's Life [1998]

Won an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 1998. Reminds me of how Peter Jackson portrayed Gollum's different personalities in The Lord Of The Rings [2001-2003] trilogy.

#5 Lifted [2006]

Included with: Theatrical release of Ratatouille [2007]

Hilarious. Leave it to Pixar to pull-off something like this.

#4 La Luna [2011]

Included with: Theatrical release of Brave [2012]

For those still making up their mind to see Brave [2012] at the theatres, bear in mind that you will get to see this heart-felt gem for free! Just make sure you come early.

*Clip Not Yet Available*

#3 BURN-E [2008]

Included with: DVD release of WALL-E [2008]

Similiar to #10 and #7, this gives us a fresh perspective to the events that happened in WALL-E. The ending is absolutely perfect!

#2 Presto [2008]

Included with: Theatrical release of WALL-E [2008]

The accidental magic show that Presto ended up giving was waaay better than what he had planned for, don't you say? Bravo! Bravo!

#1 Partly Cloudy [2009]

Included with: Theatrical release of Up [2009]

Just like the movie Up [2009] that followed it, this manage to tug at the hearts of the audience. Absolutely beautiful!


  1. Whoa, you must've read my mind Asrap. I actually just started a draft on my favorite Pixar short in honor of La Luna. I won't tell you which one but it's on your list :D

    1. I kind of have a hunch which one it is. I'd love to read your list too, I can't get enough of gems right now.

  2. Very cool list. I loved Lifted. I thought that was extremely funny. One of my favorite shorts from Pixar was an early one called Red's Dream and it was about a unicycle in an old bike shop who dreams about his glory days. It's suprisingly quite sad and kid of dark for a Pixar movie

    1. I have seen that one and you're right, it is quite sad.

    2. agree! Red's Dream is one of my fave along with Your Friend The Rat. Nice list, though

    3. Your Friend The Rat is very informative but feels a little too like a documentary to make it into my top 10. Thanks for the comment ceritaparalel

  3. ooh so nice. I am going to see them all once I have the chance! Thanks, Asrap.

    1. They are a treat indeed, and they don't take up much time.

  4. Awesome Asrap! Love that you did a list of the shorts rather than the movies here! I think my favourite is For the Birds!

    1. Actually I've already done a favourite Pixar movie list, one of first posts when I started blogging. I just thought this would be interesting since I loved La Luna recently.

  5. My top favorites got to be Partly Cloudy, La Luna, Day and Night, and Presto. I find Geri's Game to be the saddest one and I think it's one of Pixar shorts that I didn't totally enjoy.

    1. I can understand the reason for not enjoying Geri's Game. This post just reminds me to check out more short films. They can be just as entertaining as full length features.

  6. I think my favorites are Lifted, Day & Night and Presto from the ones you listed. I forget what it was called but I remember one with a drummer and a coin that played before one of the films. I really enjoyed that one, but its name escapes me right now.

    Are you going to pick up the second collection of shorts coming out?

    1. I think the one you mentioned is called "One Man Band". It almost made the list. It was directed by Mark Andrews who made his full feature debut with "Brave" recently.

      I'm a huge Pixar fan so yeah, I'll be picking it up.


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