Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts: Crazy Day, Crazy Week Ahead, & Links

Due to a few factors, I won't be blogging for the next week so I'm making this a long post. I'll still be reading other peoples blogs though.
Action Movie In Real Life:

The most awesome thing happened at work earlier today!! First of all, I admit that my job and work place is actually pretty boring, so a dog chasing a cat can qualify as exciting, but this was just pure and utter adrenalin rush. A man and woman ran amuck while carrying samurai swords at the driving area of my office complex and long story short, the man was shot by the police in the arm while the woman in the thigh after they went charging into the police with their swords.
I was having lunch in the cafeteria at the time and got to see these events unfold infront of my very own eyes. The photo above isn't mine and no, I didn't take any photos or video because my phone isn't the thing I want my hands to be holding on to if "Bonnie & Clyde" were to come my way (the cafeteria chair was a better choice). But I saw a few people who did record it but as of writing, there is still nothing on Youtube. Come on you guys! Here's a report link from a local newspaper. The only let-down of the story is the police who was shooting didn't do it while jumping in the air side-ways as the crazy man tries to slice the bullet with his sword. At least that would be the Hollywood version running in my head. I'm high on adrenaline now, so the rest of this post will pretty much reflect my current state.
*update: here's the first clip to emerge online. Don't know how long this video will be available. Terrible visuals, don't get to see much but you can hear the gun shots. Funny how calm viewing it in the clip seems, watching it live was like freaking The Avengers movie.
# I saw The Amazing Spider-Man [2012] last week and surprisingly didn't like it. I haven't reached that landmark first year yet in the blogging world (getting close though... next month marks the date), so comparatively I feel like a rookie. But as was the case with this movie, I always feel bad after writing a negative review. It makes me feel grumpy. An impression is created in my head that I'm being more of a movie critic than a movie reviewer. Beware, The Dark Side Of The Force lurks close. As Master Yoda might say: "Give in towards your anger, you must not"
# I almost had a major heart attack last week when I found out that The God Of Film himself, Christopher Nolan, tweeted a link to my post The History Of Batman On Screen. Unfortunately I discovered it wasn't really him but a fan-made Twitter account instead. Chris Nolan doesn't have an official Twitter account... I think. I still need to say thanks to @CutChrsitopher for the tweet, but for a brief few minutes there I experienced a super-charged orgasm. The only equivalent scenario that I can think of is having a threesome with both Charlize Theron and Megan Fox after we all escape a near-death encounter. Evading a mad duo with samurai swords perhaps?
 # The guys at Bat In The Sun have released the latest video in their Super Power Beat Down series with this edition featuring Batman Vs. Wolverine (see below). If you're unfamiliar with the series, this isn't the typical amateur fan-made video you would find on Youtube. Instead this has an actual production team with actual actors behind it. I've already posted the previous showdown between Gandalf & Darth Vader in case you missed it.

# Speaking of amateur fan-made videos, check out this funny parody of the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises  (On A Budget):

# Marvel Studios has confirmed a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie and its scheduled to be released before the upcoming Avengers sequel. Edgar Wright has also begun work on an Ant-Man movie. Awesomeness all around it seems!!

Indie & Art Films:

# In anticipation towards The Dark Knight Rises [2012] opening next week, I am experimenting with a new preparation regime. Step One: avoid all the new trailers & materials recently made available. Step Two is inspired by an interview of Quentin Tarantino. He was asked about his duty as a jury at film festivals and if he ever got tired of watching all these "artsy-films". He then recalled back to his experience during the 2009 Cannes Film Festival where for three weeks he was seeing a bucket-load of "challenging" art films. It was in a lot of ways nirvana to him. But then he went to see Star Trek [2009] which had just opened and went "WHOAA!!! It's great to have fun again at the movies!!". I'm aiming to achieve that exact same effect by watching a lot of small indie films before I get bombarded by the grandiose stimulation that The Dark Knight Rises is expected to generate. The idea is that the nuance in tone these films provide will help facilitate the mind-blowing experience that I seek next week.
# In following with that master plan, I saw two indie films this past weekend. The first one was Jeff, Who Lives At Home [2012]. It stars Marshall Eriksen Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, and Judy Greer. Despite the exaggerated ending and constant zooming camera, it was a lovely film and really enjoyable.
# The second movie I saw was Sidewalls (Medianeras) [2011], which is an Argentinian film directed by Gustavo Taretto and starring Javier Drolas and Pilar Lopez de Ayala. This was a quiet and really charming film which tells the story of two people living in the busy city of Buenos Aires.
# I'm annoyed that there's still no theatrical release date for Moonrise Kingdom [2012] and Safety Not Guaranteed [2012] where I live. I badly want to see these two films.

Suits (TV Show)

# My current addiction is the TV show, Suits. It's just freaking darn brilliant. I thought the first season was good, but man.... the second season currently running is even better. It has made law practice seem so cool.
# As a movie geek, I just have to be excited by the multiple film-references they throw into their banter every week. From Casablanca to Terminator to Highlander. Also, while it may not be a comedy, the show is pretty funny I must say.

Ridiculous Video Of The Week:
# I've commented before on how those exaggerated Chuck Norris jokes on the internet are more suitable for over-the-top Indian actor, Rajinikanth. Take a look at this Japanese trailer for his latest movie. Without doubt Rajinikanth can beat Chuck Norris with just a twirl of his moustache!

# Awesome article here from Awards Daily that analyses all of Christopher Nolan's films while arguing against the notion that they are merely "elite popcorn"
# Sati has made an Appreciation Post for Eva Green, an actress I might have overlooked for all these years
# Andina reviews the lovely Jeff, Who Lives At Home
# Lesya reviews Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon
# Nice list of 5 Directors who haven't yet beaten their first films at Life vs. Film
# Pete puts the spotlight on a new Dark Knight Rises featurette which I am avoiding from seeing.
# The always amusing M.Brown reviews A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
# My fellow countrymen, Reza and Zulfahmi have very favourable reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man which pretty much echoes the view of the rest of the nation. It seems that my brothers and me are among the very few people in the country who didn't enjoy it.
# Ruth also seems to have enjoyed that same Spider-Man movie
# Stevee lists down 8 Cliches in Rom-Com Trailers
# Mette focuses on Cate Blanchette in The Gift. I didn't know Sam Raimi directed this.
# As a previous few of my posts shows, I really love fan-art. Well these lovely illustrations below are sample of what you can find at the film/TV fan-art blog Sketchesnatched


  1. Hey thanks for the link man! wish I hadn't just watched that Dark Knight Rises trailer on a budget video. It's totally left a bad taste in my mouth! Glad you survived the samurai attack, sounds intense!

  2. Thanks for the link! I need to see this show Suits, anything that makes something as boring as practicing law look cool is worth a look :)

    1. It is a cool show and I like the quote by Wall Street Journal in the photo above, "Equal parts swagger and smarts". embodies the show perfectly.

  3. Thanks for the linkage, Asrap! Glad you enjoyed the movie too. Jason Segel still feels like Marshall Eriksen, when he just broken up with Lily to be exact

    That's nice having Christopher Nolan's fan page twitter linked to your post. That's something for his fans.

    I actually often feel bad too after writing a bad review, that's why I don't want to write one exclusively (only in monthly round-up or when I feel like it). I only review a movie fully when I love them.

    Have a nice blogging break!

    1. I might follow your steps.... review mostly the ones I like.

  4. Whoa! Thanks for the linkage. This post was hysterical and one of the most fascinatingly random I've ever read.

    Samurai sword wielding lunatics and the mention of a three-way with Theron and Fox? Sounds like a movie I'd wait in line for next summer.

    I haven't seen Spiderman, but I just saw Moonrise Kingdom! Oh yeah!

    1. Yeah, it is random, I knew I would have little online time this week so I compiled a lot of things up. Desperately wanting to see Moonrise Kingdom now.

  5. byk gila fakta aku boleh pengsan...anyway cam orang lain thanks for the linkage .. :D


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