Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Retro TV: My Two Dads [1987-1990]

A few weeks ago I met up with a couple of friends from elementary school which I haven't seen in God knows how long. I became all nostalgic again as we reminiscence about the past. Among the many memories we talked about were the movies and TV shows we used to watch. I've always been very attached to my 80s childhood but I completed forgot about a favourite TV show we all shared: My Two Dads [1987-1990]. As I spent the last week re-watching a few episodes, I was reminded how much I enjoyed the show and 80s sitcoms in general.

My Two Dads tells the story of two guys with very different personalities - the "down-to-earth" Michael Taylor (played by Paul Reiser), a successful financial adviser, and the "head-in-clouds" Joey Harris (played by Greg Evigan), a struggling artist. They inherit the 12 year-old daughter of a woman that they both used to date. One of them is the biological father of that girl, Nicole Bradford (played by Staci Keanan), but it is never revealed and a Judge (played by Florence Stanley) rules that they have joint custody. I know, rather silly, but just play along. The Judge also happens to be their landlord and checks-up on them regularly.

If the show were made in the present day, it would be about a couple of gay dads. But considering its era, both dads happened to be straight. As was the nature of 80s sitcoms, each episode was family-friendly and carried a message/lesson-learned at the end. Shows from that time-period also carried a catchy theme song, and this was no different. This past week I've had You Can Count On Me (which was sung by Greg Evigan himself) on my music player loop. So what happened to the stars of the show?

Paul Reiser, who in my opinion was the funniest on the show, joined fresh from his appearance as the jerk in James Cameron's Aliens [1986]. After this show ended he starred in the hugely successful TV series, Mad About You [1992-1999] alongside Helen Hunt. He recently return with another show, The Paul Reiser Show [2011] which unfortunely didn't last too long.

Greg Evigan provided the sex appeal to the show. I've lost count of the times I've heard girls say how dreamy he was. He was good-looking but also a good actor as well. His IMDB page shows that he has had plenty of work since, but I don't think I've seen any of them.

When I list the many childhood crushes I used to have, most of them used to be grown-up actresses. So people ask me did I ever have one around my own age at that time? Well, the only one I could remember was Staci Keanan. I haven't seen her other work since but I'll say grown-up Staci is hot! Shockingly, when researching for this post I found out that she had passed away last year! Her IMDB, Wikipedia, and many other pages aren't aware of it and doesn't list it. A simple Google search will reveal a few articles of her death like this one here. I guess her name drifted away from the limelight so much that it wasn't newsworthy. Luckily further research shows she is actually still alive and kicking as she makes an appearance in this clip, which I believe was made recently. False alarm then. The TV show, Step By Step [1991-1998] was her other most notable work.

So, to the memories of My Two Dads, here's that catchy theme song:


  1. Wow, what a blast from the past! I used to think Joey was a spunk! How I could have had a crush on anyone with a mullet is beyond me.

    1. hahaha... a lot of good looking guys had mullets back in the day, even George Clooney.


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