Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Rise Of The Guardians [2012]

 Release Date: 22 November 2012 (Malaysia), 21 November 2012 (USA)
Directed By: Peter Ramsey
Written By: David Lindsay-Abaire, William Joyce
Voiced By: Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher, Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo
Duration: 97 minutes
 In A Nutshell:
For thousands and thousands of years, all the hopes, beliefs, and imagination of the kids from around the world were depended and protected by a group of guardians consisting of: Santa Claus/North (voiced by Alec Baldwin), The Tooth-Fairy (voiced by Isla Fisher), The Sandman, and The Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Jackman). When an old enemy in The Boogeyman/Pitch Black returns to bring nightmares and fear to the world, the fates of The Guardians are in jeopardy as children has stopped believing in their (Guardians) existence. The Guardians need to recruit a fifth member to stand a fighting chance. Enter Jack Frost (voiced by Chris Pine).

Thumbs Up:
+ Stunning visuals... I might as well stop listing this for animation, we pretty much expect this already now
+ Initial premise and ensemble of characters is interesting
+ Thrilling action sequence
Thumbs Down:
- The final showdown seems like a cop-out
- In the end, the story went all-to-predictable


The Verdict Is In:
Question time: Has there been an animated feature in the past few years where its visuals has been anything short of stunning? I keep going to see them and thinking "this looks beautiful" and now realizing it has become standard issue for animation. Heck even Tim Burton films, which I always feel looks like animation, is visually gorgeous every time out. Something still not quite so common nowadays is the good use of 3D (Toy Story 3's version didn't look too different from its 2D version). Despite seeing the normal format, I have a feeling this film would look absolutely outstanding in 3D as the action sequences are genuinely thrilling and would make good use of the technology.

Moving on, the initial concept and premise of the story alone was interesting enough to get me hooked. What can I say? Ensemble characters always gets me excited (The Avengers [2012] or The Expendables 2 [2012] anyone?) even though this one is based on children's stories. However the longer the film went, the more the sense of predictability sunk in. A few scenes near the end seem like cop-outs to me... the ease of how they overturned adversity (Spoiler Alert: Examples: Frost repairing his staff, showdown with Boogeyman, resurrection of character). It was still overall enjoyable though!

In fact, 2012 has seen a lot of entertaining animated films, and this one is no different. However I do not believe Rise Of The Guardians [2012] will be a memorable one. But then again this might just be The Boogeyman trying to influence me.... score one to the bad guy then!
7 out of 10


  1. amd i thought u were going for Breaking Dawn? ek this year's animation fav of all is Paranorman...and I want to watch this one sunday...if ada time ah.

    1. I've already seen Breaking Dawn twice... NOT!! Haha, kinda guest you'd like Paranorman... with the horror concept and all, have you seen Frankenweenie?

  2. nope, Frankenweenie came and went bye bye laju bebenor..I wonder y..tak laku?

  3. I once read on someone's tweet that he couldn't decide which is the animation of the year, this movie or Wreck it Ralph. Reading your review, perhaps not this one. But I surely need to see Wreck it Ralph!

    1. This still an interesting feature, just that I don't think it'll be an animation that people will watch over and over again throughout the years. On Wreck-It-Ralph, I'll only be seeing it tomorrow, so only then can I make a judgement. Thanks as always Andina!


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