Friday, February 15, 2013

Cool Fan Art Site: Minion Factory

Alright then, let me see if I can remember how this works...

Wow..... two months in the blogosphere wilderness. It feels like being in limbo from movie Inception [2010]. Not only have I been absent from blogosphere, but I've also been neglecting watching movies and even more so TV shows - one of my prime passions in life. So as a way of reigniting the fire, I'll be posting about one the most stellar ways of expressing passion..... FAN ART.

Here we have the site, Minion Factory which is run Phil Postma, and I have to say his work is one the best I've seen. Possibly even THE best. Here is just an example of what's in store when you visit the site. Running with the theme of fandom, I've included his work that combined more than one piece of geekdom... enjoy!!


  1. So cute :) Seems like they all belong to The Incredibles world. I too have been less watching movies and blogging, so high five!

    1. Thanks Andina! I miss blogging and visit wonderful sites like yours...

    2. Well it's ok. Thanks, Asrap. Hope all is well.


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