Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: World War Z [2013]

"Mother nature is a serial killer. No one's better"

Release Date: 20 June 2013 (Malaysia), 21 June 2013 (USA)
Directed By: Marc Forster
Written By: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof, J. Michael Straczynski
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, Fana Mokoena, Peter Capaldi, Pierfrancesco Favino
Duration: 116 minutes
In A Nutshell:
A virus outbreak is causing humans to turn into zombies which is rapidly threatening the existence of mankind. It is up to former United Nations employee, Gary Lane (played by Brad Pitt) to find the cause of the pandemic in the hope of finding a cure. Before it is too late of course.

Thumbs Up:
+ Thrilling and suspenseful. I went into the cinema feeling tired and sleepy. I came out feeling I could run a marathon, that's how much of an adrenalin rush I had! (the thought of zombie simulation - "disturbing a dog just so I can run away while it chased me" did enter my mind... but I'm too old to do these dumb and crazy things anymore :P )
+ Fast and extremely aggressive zombies. Now that's what I'm talking about. Like right out of a video game. Or your nightmares. Or even dreams maybe.
+ Zombies on a plane? My, oh my! I wish Samuel L. Jackson was on board too... just to hear his swears reactions.
+ Brad Pitt. The guy is growing on me with every movie he makes. With other A-listers like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise having one flop after another, this guy must be the biggest Star in Hollywood right now.
+ The extras playing the zombies, especially the one with Brad Pitt in the WHO lab. If only there was an Oscar for Best Extra.
+ Gary Lane's solution to avoiding zombies. Smart.
Thumbs Down:
- Poor CGI for mass-zombie scenes
- The ending didn't leave us on a high

The Verdict Is In:
Despite already seen and enjoyed the popular zombie films and also the TV show, The Walking Dead, I've never really been a huge zombie fan. Other than not really being fond of horror and gore, I guess I never bought into the premise of zombies taking over the world. Especially those movies where the zombies are all slow-moving (the majority of films it seems). Come on, take over an army camp or police station? Where these guys have an arsenal of weapons and are experts of combat? Especially hard to believe when some movies have the heroes just run through a group of zombies to safety by just shoving them away.

Not the case here. Not only are they fast, but extremely aggressive too. You hide in your car? They just ram their heads through the glass, and within the second attempt are inside. Helicopter near a building? They just jump off the edge of the building in an attempt to catch the helicopter. That's how it should be... no fear. Suspenseful and thrilling. One of my favourite movies of the summer!
9 out of 10


  1. Great review! Whoa, that's a lot of thumbs up! The trailer for this one wasn't very good but I really like Pitt so I'm definitely going to check it out.

    1. That is quite a lot but I might have overreacted. But who cares, I enjoyed it a lot! I was indifferent with Pitt before, but the more I see his movies, the more I'm becoming a fan.

  2. It's a solid zombie flick, but not much else other than that. Kind of silly and stupid actually. Good review Asrap.

    1. Aren't all zombie flicks silly and stupid actually? But yeah, I get what you mean. Thanks Dan!

    2. I agree haha, most zombie films are always a bit silly.

  3. Wow, great review! I'm so eager to see this, I was meant to see it earlier this week, but plans fell through and I ended up seeing The Bling Ring instead.

    Glad you liked it.

    1. I'm planning to see Bling Ring myself but it hasn't opened in my country yet. I hope you get to see WWZ. Thanks!


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