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List: 7 Favourite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Movies

"If You Smeeeeellllllll.... What The Rock.... Is Cooking!!!"

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The Brahma Bull. Rocky. The People's Champ. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. And my personal favourite.... THE GREAT ONE. These are all nick-names for 3rd generation pro-wrestler turned action-movie superstar, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In fact, in the world of pro-wrestling he is already considered a legend. There are only three people in the history of the business where their popularity supersedes just wrestling fans: First there was Hulk Hogan. Then came "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and lastly there was The Rock.

But this post is meant to discuss his movie career. Sure, he isn't the best actor out there. But he has tons of charisma, a stunning smile, and one hell of a imposing physique. And in terms of being a bona fide action-star, he's probably the biggest one there is out there. He's a modern day version of those guys you see in The Expendables. And just like those guys mentioned, The Rock has made a lot of shitty films too, with Tooth Fairy [2010] and Journey 2: Mysterious Island [2012] being at the top of the shame-list. But today we celebrate the better films from a guy whom already had 5 movies released in the first half of 2013 alone. With all that... Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

# Honorable Mention - Faster [2010]

Ryan Gosling isn't the only person to play a character known just as "Driver" (in the uber-awesome movie Drive [2011] ). Rocky also did the same, in the film  Faster [2010], which when you watch it feels like a cheap rip-off to Quentin Tarantino.

#7 "Weapon Of Choice? 4 x 4!!" ~ Walking Tall [2004]

One of three films on this list that is supposedly based on true events. I'd say Rocky performs quite well in this remake of a 1973 movie with the same title. But like most remakes, this movie is said to be nowhere near as good as the original (a film which I have still yet to see).

Selected Quote: "You're right, Jay. This does change our relationship. You're under arrest"

#6 "Welcome To The Jungle" ~ The Rundown [2003]

I remember receiving free tickets to an early screening of this and then really enjoying the occasion. Those tickets managed to persuade this hot girl to go on a date with me (she was a huge fan of The People's Champ). We eventually didn't end up together but I did manage get a couple more months worth of dates with her.... all to the envious watching eyes of my house-mates. What movie? Oh yeah, this movie... I almost forgot. It was actually a fun movie with lots of laughs. Really enjoyed it!

Selected Quote: "You have two choices. Option A: you give me the ring. Option B: I make you give me the ring"

#5 "Transformers, This Is Not!" ~ Pain & Gain [2013]

Michael Bay is an easy target to hate. And while I really despised Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen [2009], not all of Bay's movies are terrible. This flick right here belongs in the entertaining category made by the director. It has a really compelling story, while Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, and Anthony Mackie make for a really enjoyable trio to watch.

Selected Quote: "Jesus Christ has blessed me with many gifts. One of them is knocking someone the fuck out!"

#4 "Epically Ridiculous & Ridiculously Epic" ~ Fast & Furious 6 [2013]

There are loads of scenes in this particular movie that are epically ridiculous. Just plain and outright atrocious. Yet, I still consider it one of the more entertaining films of this past summer (is it still summer? Ironically, I live in a tropic country, where the four-temperate season doesn't exist). It was just an epically fun and thrilling ride. The quintessential guilty-pleasure movie.

Selected Quote: "If you want to catch a wolf, you need a wolf"

#3 "The Franchise Has Started To Get Exciting Again" ~ Fast Five [2011]

The Fast & Furious franchise started to revive itself starting with this 2011 film right here, and The Rock played no small part to achieving that. I mean Vin Diesel squaring off against The Brahma Bull? I was excited since the moment the photo above was first released. THIS IS BRAZIL!!

Selected Quote: "We find 'em, we take 'em as a team, and we bring 'em back. And above all else.... we don't ever, ever let them get into cars"

#2 "The Rock's Best Performance" ~ Snitch [2013]

After Walking Tall and Pain & Gain, this is the 3rd film on the list which is said to be based on true events. I'm not sure if it was because he was surrounded by great actors like Susan Sarandon (an Oscar winner), Barry Pepper (Private Jackson in Saving Private Ryan [1998] and Dean Stanton in The Green Mile [1999] ), and Jon Bernthal (Shane in the TV show, The Walking Dead [2010- ] ), but Dwayne gave a very convincing performance himself. I enjoyed the film more than most critics did too.

Selected Quote: "Every move I make, or don't make, Jason will have to live with for the next ten years of his life"

#1 "Hollywood, Seriously... Instead Of All Those Remakes... Please, Oh Please, Make This Spin-Off" ~ The Other Guys [2010]

Agents Danson (The Rock) & Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) shoot, drive, and sex with style. They are Rock (pun intended) Stars. They wreck havoc and destroy $12 million in New York property damages just to catch bad-guys with a quarter pound of marijuana. Yet the public still loves them.... well, because they're awesome!!

 I know, this is kinda cheating because they only appear in the beginning of the movie. And just slightly more screentime to be considered a cameo too. But they are two awesome characters from my favourite comedy of 2010 (its absolutely criminal that the movie wasn't nominated for the Best Comedy award at The Golden Globes, yet The Tourist [2010] and Alice In Wonderland [2010] did make it). Please, oh please, make a spin-off movie. I'll definitely pay to see that.

Selected Quote: Danson: "We couldn't do our job if it weren't for you guys doing all the paperwork, answering the phones, all that stupid shit that we don't like to do" Highsmith: "All the gun fights, all the car chases, all the sex we don't wanna have with women... but we have to. All to what you guys do. Thank you".


  1. I love The Rock. He just oozes charisma. He's easily one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and I'm glad he's transitioned so well into acting. More people need to see this awesomeness up close.

    1. He's my favorite wrestler too! I'm glad he returned to the ring this past year or so after being away for so long. Have you seen him up close? If so, that would be so cool!

  2. If Snitch is better than Pain & Gain...I'm going to f--king love it. He was also very good in Gridiron Gang (yet another true story) and from what I hear (never saw it) Be Cool.

    I liked you 'Rundown' story. Now that's ridiculously epic...maybe even epically ridiculous.

    1. Snitch is very different than Pain & Gain as it has a very serious and dark tone to it.

      I know I'm supposed to do so before coming-up with a list like this, but I still haven't seen Gridiron Gang. The Rock was actually very funny in Be Cool, but the movie overall bore me. Rocky provided the only interesting moments. Well, him and a shot of Uma Thurman's ass in bikini. :)

      Ah, see was just being nice. She was a neighbor in my apartment and was already friendly and warm with my housemates and me. That's how I knew she was Rocky's fan. None of us had the courage to make a move though. The tickets thankfully was the opportunity (and excuse) to do so.


    My favorite film performance from him is in The Game Plan. He's just so fun to watch.

    1. Hahaha... really love the promos by the eye-raising, headlining people's champ!!

      The Game Plan almost made the list but I only wanted one honorable mention this time.

  4. His Disney movies were entertaining but action genre is where he truly belongs!

    I love him since his wrestling days, fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin! The people's champion!

    My favorite movie scene of The Rock is when he fought Vin Diesel in Fast Five! It's like two titans clashing!

    Speaking of titans, he's now building more muscles for upcoming Hercules!

    1. I think he distanced himself from wrestling for a while so people wouldn't associate him with only tough-guy roles. That's why he took the Disney films... to show his range of acting. But now he probably realizes that action is his forte.

  5. aku taktau kor start writting back, bagus2 ada blog movie yg aku fhm tuk dilayan
    as for the rock, aku layan comedies dia jer boleh? ahah..and aku suka The Other Guys lawak gila, ingat lagi dlm pawagam ada minah sorang ni jerit..."matiiiiii!!!!???" ..pastu gelak

    1. Baru je kembali... belum sampai sebulan pon lagi..

      The Rock dari Wrestling Days dia lagi dah ada good comedic timing. SUPER-LOVE The Other Guys!!

  6. Honestly I can't get enough of this guy... but what about Journey to the Center of the Earth. No it's no Oscar worthy. But the Rock makes that movie!

    Angela's Anxious Life

    1. He is very charismatic isn't he? Well, to put it mildly, Journey 2 wasn't my cup of tea. But I did enjoy Rock singing "What A Wonderful World" in that movie!

  7. The Rock has numerous movies heading to theaters in the near future. Beyond that, he has attached his name to various projects, all of which sound like they will keep the one-time wrestler and current big-screen phenom in the blockbuster business for years. Because we know that you love The Rock as much as we love The Rock, we've documented the actor's next films.

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