Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sun Is Shinning... A Wordpress Family Award (& I'm Not Even On Wordpress :D)

Here's a nice break from my usual movie blogging posts. I've been given this Sunshine Award by Ruth from Flixchatter. If you aren't familiar with her site, then rush over there quickly as it is one of the best movie blogs on the entire internet. I'm not even exaggerating. If I were to give advice to someone just learning to start a movie blog, then Flixchatter is one of the few sites I'll tell them to visit. Other than that, Ruth is such a friendly and warm gal. Alright then, this award basically means I have to answer 10 questions about myself. I always love these kind of posts because it is more personal, and the difference between blogs and those big websites is the personal touch. Here are my answers:

#1 Favourite Actor

I've told this story so many times so it won't be surprise to anyone who has been at this blog before. I fell in love with movies and TV at a very young age and Michael J. Fox was a huge contributor to that. Back To The Future [1985] remains my all-time favourite movie, and the TV show Family Ties [1982-1989] was a huge part of my childhood. Plus, he's physically shorter than me, which gives huge encouragement :) (my list of Favourite Short Actors here). Michael's not an active entertainer anymore, so out of the current stars, I'd say Brad Pitt is growing on me a lot.

#2 Favourite Food

As I love food so much, I'm actually planning to make a list of my Favourite Food Movies next month. I'm an adventurous eater but the most mouthwatering to me is beef. I just can't stand looking at a juicy steak or burger. That's why I have problems keeping a healthy weight. From a Malaysian food perspective, I'm a sucker for tempe (bottom left in photo above), a soy-based product originating from Indonesia (I have Javanese and Banjar blood in me too) which has now become popular amongst vegetarians the world over. I'll also throw-in Begedil here too (bottom right in photo above). I'm not sure of its origins, its probably Malaysian, but its a deep-fried potato patty, usually with chunks or chicken or meat.

#3 Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink

Some would say this is not a drink, but a desert. I'd say its a drink-desert... (now continue the following with Gordon Ramsay's often-pausing style of describing food) the most beautiful... delicious... delightfully scrumptious... Cendol!! Hey, some people serve it in a glass, so that's a drink to me. Wikipedia says this also originates from Indonesia, and since Wikipedia is the most trusted source of information on the planet ;) I'm taking its word. Special shout-out to my blogger friend, Azrin. She rarely blogs nowadays, but she's the biggest cendol monster I know.

#4 Favourite Animal

How about I name three instead of one? A wolverine, a unicorn, and a dragon. Nah, I don't really have a favourite. But I'll tell you what animal that I HATE the most.... mosquitoes! Two things. One, the population of mosquitoes in Malaysia is extremely large. If they were allowed to contest and vote, we would have a mosquito as our Prime Minister right now. Come to think of it, a mosquito would do a much better job than our current Prime Minister. Wohohohoho... yes, I said it! Number two, I swear if there was me and say, four other people around me, the mosquitoes would leave the four alone and would all unanimously suck my blood. Its like my body is a Michelin-Star restaurant offering a free buffet.

But here's a scientific fact.... only female mosquitoes suck blood. That kinda means I'm exuding Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp's sexual magnetism to them females. Sadly though, its the only scenario where females flock around me.

#5 Favourite number

Either 3.141592 also known as "Pi" (I have no idea how to write the symbol using my Macbook's keyboard and am too lazy to find out how) or 3i, where according to the principals of maths, i is an imaginary number. OH GOD ASRAP!! You're suck a weird geek!!!

OK, OK... I was trying to give an outside-the-box answer. Speaking of outside-the-box, did you know that when told to pick a number between 1 and 10, 80% of people would chose the number 7? This is a fact most magicians and psychologists know of..... I'm getting completely side-tracked right now, aren't I? Darn you, ADHD!

#6 Favourite Colour

"My favourite colour? Brown. Because it reminds me of the mesmerizing colour of your mystic eyes," I told an ex-girlfriend once. Ultra-cheesy I know, but true story. She said she loved that compliment (women never fake anything, do they ;P ), but I seriously need to upgrade my game :D.

A proper answer would be.... Tosca. I totally stole this answer from Andina of Inspired Ground, another cool movie blog (check out her site, especially the "Inspired-By" series/segments, my current favourite series in blogsphere). Truthfully, I've never even heard of the word "Tosca" before this morning. But I have always liked it. Just didn't know the name.

#7 My Passion

Since my mid-twenties, movies has surpassed soccer as number one passion. Other than those two, I'm passionate about music (a little less nowadays) and currently.... food. As mentioned in #2 above, I've always loved food. But now it has moved beyond that. Labeling it with just a mere "love" would be an understatement.

#8 Favourite Day Of The Week

It used to be Saturday because of live soccer matches. Now it has evolved into Thursdays. This is normally opening day for movies in my country. I like to see them early. Less spoilers and less influence by reviews.

Fun Fact: The name "Thursday" is derived from Old English and Middle English which mean's "Thor's Day". I knew it! There just had to be a superhero reference. Superheroes rule the universe!

#9 Favourite TV Show

I don't watch much TV nowadays, but my current favourite is Suits [2011-now]. Harvey Specter is the man!!! Louis Litt and Donna are very funny too, but I also miss the character of Jenny. Anyway, any show or movie that constantly quotes and refers to other movies like this show does, earns bonus points from me.

#10 Favourite Soundtrack Of 2013

Easy. Pacific Rim. It's on my new gym-playlist, and really get's me pumped. Great music from Ramin Djawadi. Fell in love from the moment I saw the film.


  1. ur in luck bro, dunno if you know..tapi Michael J Fox ada comedy series baru..dunno bila akan premier (tajuk pon tak ingat)
    p/s : love watching Spin City cause of him..dan sorang lagi mamat kelam kabut dlm series tu

    1. Yeah, excited about that! They shot the pilot episode already, hope it gets picked-up for a full season.

      Spin City dulu mmg best. Watak Mayor pon klaka, pasal agak x pandai plus jauh lagi tinggi dari MJF.

  2. Very cool, man.

    I loved that bit about the mosquitoes. Hopefully those bastards never organize and head to the polls.

    Nice line with the brown eyes. Never had the stones to drop something like that.

    I gotta look into that Pacific Rim.soundtrack. Need some sweet gym tunes.

    1. Compared to what we have right now, I might actually vote for them!

      Cheesy lines like those only works when the girls loes you enough!

      I got tired of the Rocky soundtrack all these years. Having said that, it'll probably be back in the playlist in a couple of months... who could resist imagining climbing those legendary stairs.

  3. Yay, glad you're doing this Asrap. Thanks so much for the kind words... oh I'm verklempt now :D

    Fun answers! Your writeup about mosquitoes cracks me up!! But I HATE those, unfortunately there are as many mosquitoes here now in Minnesota as there were back in Jakarta :(

    I never watch SUITS but I should give it a shot when it's on Netflix, lots of good looking dudes, ha..ha.. Hey, glad we're on the same boat about Pac Rim score, high five!!

    1. Ah, come on, you know you deserve high praise. Plus you taught me a new word - verklempt.

      I might have to avoid Minnesota if I visit the US then ;)

      Suits... good looking dudes who also dress well!

      Pacific Rim rocks!! :)

  4. I didn't know you have Javanese-Banjar blood, interesting! Then it's totally normal you like Tempe. I think almost every Indonesian blood love that food. Beef is such a guilty pleasure.

    Thanks for the mention! Tosca is a fresh color, so cool.

    That's quite a move using a woman's eye color ;D ;D

    1. Sadly though I can speak either Javanese or Banjar :(

      No Problem! Thanks for teaching me about tosca, I never knew the name before!

      Yeah, I use cheesy-lines all the time. :D


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