Monday, January 6, 2014

Norman Reedus (Daryl) Appreciation & Melodies From Walter Mitty

I know it's six days too late... but "Happy New Year" everybody!! Despite me missing out on seeing a lot of films, 2013 was still one of my favorite years in terms of movies released. Let's hope 2014 will be just as entertaining. Here's a completely random blog post from me today....

# Happy Birtday Norman Reedus!

Today marks the 45th birthday for actor Norman Reedus, or better known as Daryl Dixon from the ever-popular zombie TV show, The Walking Dead.  Daryl is the most bad-ass character from that highly-addictive series. He most recently demonstrated the awesomeness of his character in the superb mid-season finale of the show's fourth season. *spolier* Not even a tank could stop him in that episode! Just imagine if they did a spoof of The Avengers [2012] in that show which goes something like this: The Governor threatens by saying "We have a tank!" and Rick answers "We have Daryl!". *end of spoiler*. He's not the main character on the show, but definitely the coolest! Kinda like how Hans Solo was!

I actually only recognize Reedus from his role as Daryl. I don't believe I've seen any of his other work. No, not even The Boondock Saints [1999] or Blade 2 [2002], both of which have been on my watching list for what seems like forever! But I have a feeling that even after I do finally get to see him in something else, he'll still be bad-ass Daryl in my eyes. I know its unfair, but some actors will always be known to most people for a particular role, no matter how good their other works are. Its like how I'll never be able to view Hugh Laurie as anything other than Dr. Gregory House. I'll also always see Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders as Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbartsky, Laurence Fishburn as Morpheus, Elijah Wood as Frodo, Dan Arkroyd as Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Jake Lyold & Hayden Christensen as those guys who ruined Star Wars, particularly Darth Vader :p.

Heck, I remember Ruth form Flixchatter doing an article on Christopher Reeve. I commented that I thought Reeve WAS Superman as I've only seen him in a non-Superman film just once before. I just remembered opening the TV and seeing Superman in movie that was not about Superman! It was like finding-out for the first time that Santa Claus or Bigfoot wasn't real. Wait, hold on a second, there's no evidence yet that the latter one isn't real.....

(photos & gifs taken from here, here, and here)

Okay, back to Reedus. Here's some trivia on him:

# He has a modeled for Prada, Levi's, Durban, and Lexus.
# Lived for a time in London and Japan. Prior to him getting his first acting role, he was earning $7.50 an hour working in motorcycle shop in California.
# Previously had a long-term relationship with Danish model, Helena Christensen. They had a son together, born in 1999.
# He has a titanium eye-socket and 4 screws in his nose, as a result of a car accident in 2005.
# He has a cat named "Eye In The Dark", which he also calls "fatso".
# Owns a dog named "Zero".
# Has appeared in music videos for Goo Goo Dolls, Ugly Kid Joe, R.E.M, Radiohead, Bjork, Tonic, Keith Richards, and even Lady Gaga.

Aw, man! Can't wait for The Walking Dead to be back on TV! It one of the very few shows that I get to follow nowadays. Daryl rules!!

# Melodies From: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty [2013]

Despite The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty [2013] gaining just average/mixed ratings from professional critics (some even said they HATED it), I stand by the high rating I gave to it in my review. I enjoyed the film tremendously and feel that Ben Stiller did a pretty good job not just starring but also in directing it. I don't mind seeing it again and am currently treating myself to delightful melodies of the film's soundtrack and score. Yes, those are actually two separate albums. I'd describe the tunes from both as "serene". A great way to unwind after a hard day's of work.

 The movie's score is mainly from composer Theodore Shapiro and is featured in the album The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). My favorite so far is Track 27: Stationary Cycle.

The other album is titled The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) and features songs from Jose Gonzalez, David Bowie (featuring Kristen Wiig), Jack Johnson, Of Monsters And Men, Junip, Rogue Wave, Bahamas, and Grace Mitchell.

# Cool Movie Site: History Vs Hollywood

I just realized that not only have there been a lot of good movies in 2013, but also plenty that were "based on a true story".  Films like The Conjuring, The Wolf Of Wall Street, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, The Bling Ring, 12 Years A Slave, Diana, Pain & Gain, Rush, Jobs, and Pacific Rim. Wait, that last one was only true events in my childhood dreams....

Well, the website History vs Hollywood does extensive research on how much these Hollywood adaptations stay true to actual events. First introduced to me by friend and fellow movie blogger Reza in his comments of my Conjuring review. I've loved the site ever since. Go over there and see what's real and what's just a film studio's way of spicing the story up. I'm not even getting payed for promoting this!


  1. I can't Daryl and Carol to happen soooo badly. The Walking Dead is by far the best thing Reedus has ever done.

    1. Yeah... and we'll get to see him face off against a pissed Tyresse too!

  2. aku kenal dia sini Blade 2, dan a flick yg aku once suka tajuk Gossip..big cast weih cerita tu.. ada James Marsden, Kate Hudson etc.

    dan terkejut part ni "Helena Christensen. They had a son together, born in 1999."

    1. aku baru pas google cite Gossip... pehh... jambu siot muka dia dlm tuh... hahaha....

  3. I've no idea who Norman Reedus is but he's pretty hunky. Btw, speaking of movies based on true stories, I just reviewed the documentary of the Hunt vs Lauda story that was the base of RUSH. It's pretty good!

    1. If it wasn't for The Walking Dead, I'd have no idea who it was too! There's a documentary? Cool! I love the Hunt-Lauda story!

  4. I am not really familiar with Norman Reedus but nice to know he appeared on some music videos (I might already see him though).

    Walter Mitty have some excellent scores. It is wrong that I haven't seen it in cinema now :|

    Have an excellent year, Asrap!

  5. I've probably seen him before The Walking Dead but maybe didn't realize it.

    I know, sometimes we're so busy with work and etc that we don't get to go to the cinemas as often as we'd like. I've missed a lot of films that I've wanted to see too. But Walter Mitty was good escapism for me when I've watched it.

    You too, Andina!

  6. Absolutely adore the soundtrack of Walter Mitty. I'm listening to it right now haha.
    Was mixed on the film itself.

    1. Haha.... yeah I've been hooked on the soundtrack even since I saw the film!!


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