Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Planet Of The Apes Franchise

In just a few minutes I'll be going to opening of movie Dawn Of The Planet Of Apes [2014], and I'm already super-hyped! This movie is second only to X-Men: Days Of Future Past [2014] as my most anticipated film of the year.

I first saw the original Planet Of The Apes franchise during the mid-90s. My local TV network had played each of the five movies during its midnight slot. Five consecutive nights, five movies. I was hooked. They were full of social commentary and made you love animals even more.

The second reboot of the franchise, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes [2011] was my very first movie review and it become one of my favorites films from the year 2011. So I just couldn't wait for this coming sequel to come out. Last week I decided to go on a movie marathon an revisit all previous seven movies. Here's some quick thoughts...

 # Planet Of The Apes [1968]

Quite rightly a classic, this was an extremely entertaining movie. It is said that of all time-travel performed in films, this in theory is the only one that could scientifically happen.

Nice to find out the shaky-cam technique was used even way back in the 60s. Ooh, and Linda Harrison as Nova was a stunner!!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

# Beneath The Planet Of The Apes [1970]

The worst movie in the franchise. Not only was it guilty of shifting too much of the focus from the apes to the humans, but it had a weird sci-fi angle of telepathic humans. It felt like a really bad episode of Star Trek.

Rating: 5 out of 10

# Escape From The Planet Of The Apes [1971]

 I was glad that this character-driven edition focused on two of my favorite characters from the franchise, Zira (played by Kim Hunter) and Cornelius (played by Roddy McDowall). Hunter and McDowall as always were awesome in their characters, able to express great range of emotions through those ape make-ups. The ending of the movie was just fantastic!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

# Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes [1972]

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes [2011] is basically a reboot of this movie. Entertaining but not as memorable.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

# Battle For The Planet Of The Apes [1973]

A low key ending to the original franchise. Hopefully Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes [2014] which is said to be a reboot of this movie will do much, much better.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10

# Planet Of The Apes [2001]

The Tim Burton reboot. I had seen this in the theaters and one more time when it was played on TV. But when I watched this again last week, I realized that I didn't remember and wasn't familiar with most of the scenes. This ultimately is its problem -- its forgettable. Plus, the ending of the war made no sense.

Rating: 6 out of 10

# Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes [2011]

Awesome reboot. My favorite scenes from the movie: (1) Casear (played by Andy Serkis) meets the other apes in the sanctuary for the first time, and (2) Caesar speaks for the first time and yells, "NOOOO!!!!". Truly chilling scene!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (an increase of 0.5 from my frist review)

And, oh, as a supplement, you might want to check out Project Nim [2011]. Its a documentary about a chimpanzee raised by humans during the 70s. Very similar in storyline to Planet Of The Apes but in real life. Its also one of the best documentaries I've ever seen!


  1. Great post! I've never fully seen any of the old ones, but I appreciate the crash-course on it here.

    I am incredibly excited for Dawn, as the first reboot was shockingly good (and my wife liked it...which is mind-blowing in itself).

    Can't wait to not read your thoughts!
    (well, until later, anyway)

    1. Haha... your wife enjoying it is a bit shocking! I'm glad she staye awake!

      After seeing Dawn, the franchise is heading the right direction!

  2. I really enjoyed this rundown! I'm looking forward to Dawn. Rise was a lot better than I expected, and the trailers look very promising.

    1. After Burton's reboot, I was skeptical of Rise too. I'm glad it turned out great. Dawn is just as good too!

  3. Awesome Apes marathon recap, Asrap! I haven't seen any of the older films but I barely remember anything from the Planet Of The Apes [2001], must not be that great. I'd agree w/ your rating for the first reboot in 2011, it's just excellent even compared to this one. I might end up giving both reboots the same rating tho, I like both for slightly different reasons but they're certainly amazing!

    1. I'd say the original 1968 Apes movie is worth checking out just for its significance to movie sci-fi history.

      But I love how the new reboots is going with Andy Serkis. The two movies so far have been great!

  4. Hi apa kabar! lama tak masuk

    hahaha planet of the apes aku rasa tentu popular kat malaysia cause alam ria cuti sekolah tak abih2 buat the full original franchise marathon..
    but aku selalu tgk sampai Escape je...the other 2 aku cam tgk gitu2 je...
    also i love beneath .... cause i love me some Nova action

    as for Tim Burton remake...jom satu hari discuss...and one point i thought i got it ...the ending...tapi fikir2 balik aku blur balik....

    1. haha... aku x penah tau pon alam ria cuti sekolah slalu tayang... dulu atau recently? kalo recently, nampak sgt aku out of touch dgn TV skg.

      aku x suka Beneath, tp seriously, Nova is super hot! don't know how much of this is true, tapi I've read the reason she hasn't acted a lot is she married a rich hollywood executive and was busy buliding a family!

      as for Tim Burton's remake... he followed the novel more than the original movie... I kinda understand the ending when he goes back to earth, but I disagree with the whole purpose... the original's ending was better.... but I just don't understand the ending of the war in that movie... chimp from outer space comes... war ends?

    2. aku baru sembang ngan member.dia kata bkn alam ria cuti sekolah ..hehe ... must be something else...but aku tau dulu2 kecik mmg rajin tayang...idak aku xkan ingatnyer

      chimp tu messiah .eh! lol ...ok aku kena tgk balik then get back to you...cause i only remember the action helena sangat cool sbg dr zira

    3. haha... aku tgk balik Burton punye tuh mmg byk yg aku x ingat rupanya...

    4. ok aku baru abih tgk! lol...sungguh ni...okla...tgk balik...the apes are kinda comical which is sad..dan action dia x la banyak sangat...i was duped by the trailer.. :P
      and estella warren gila sux..
      now comes the question...human in prosthetic OR CGI

    5. dua2 pon best.... motion capture yg dlm new movies nih awesome... rasa mcm apes betul je.. lagi2 bila tgk dekat....

      tapi aku suka gak old-school prosthetics and make-ups... that's why the original Star Wars trilogy is better than the CGI-heavy prequels... why the 1939 Wizard Of Oz look fresh... just like how Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory looks better than CGI-heavy Charlie and the chocolate factory!


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