Friday, December 30, 2011

Infographic: Evolution Of The Bat-Suit

Okay in yesterday's post, Me And My Superhero Childhood, I wrote on how I originally intended that entry to be the intro for THIS post. I also told the story of the monumental affection I have towards Superheroes despite not being a comic geek. The thing is, my non-comic-geek perspective has always been:
 (A) By overall comparison, the Marvel Superheroes are waaay cooler than DC Superheroes, and
(B) Out of all the characters from the DC universe, Batman is by far the best. Superman? Heck, I even prefer that campy 60s TV show with a slightly overweight Batman (yes, you Adam West) compared to The Man Of Steel. I still enjoy the DC guys, just that they pale in comparison with Batman and the Marvel guys.
You can disagree but that's just my view as a non-comic-reading Superhero fan.

Now, if we speak solely in movie terms, Batman becomes even more cooler. I even voted The Dark Knight [2008] at the pinnacle of my 15 Favourite Superhero Movies List. The Dark Knight Rises next year? Only a coma will stop me from watching it. Even if the government out the blue bans me from seeing it, I'll risk being thrown into jail, just so I can experience the movie at a cinema. Even Batman parodies are good (watch this hybrid between The Dark Knight and Adam West's 1960s Batman)

 Now, Benjamin Andrew Moore from Screen Rant has created an infographic detailing every "significant" Bat-Suit ever worn by Batman. I have to say that by looking at this, the coolest to me is the Batman Beyond [1999-2001] suit as well as the suits from the two Christopher Nolan movies, Batman Begins [2005] and The Dark Knight [2008].

Check it out below - and OPEN PHOTO IN NEW TAB TO ENLARGE

Every Batman bat-suit

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