Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man NEW Trailer

Following-up from last Monday's post of The Avengers [2012] Superbowl Trailer, I've decided to complete my trio of anticipated summer superheroes list with the new official trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man [2012]. 

Compared to the other two movies from the previously mentioned summer trio (I've already posted the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises [2012] ), this movie kinda loses out in terms of buzz being generated. Even myself am not usually a fan of reboots especially when the original movie is still relatively new. But there are still plenty of reasons for me to get excited about this movie, such as:

(1) I think its pretty well established throughout this blog that I love Superheroes, and Spider-Man is one of the more popular ones
(2) The director is Marc Webb, whose debut feature (and so far only movie) is (500) Days Of Summer [2009], one of my all-time favourite films (check out where I place that movie in my Favourite Romantic Movies List next week)
(3) Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are good actors and being in a big summer movie like this could help push their careers on even more
(4) A different villain compared to the previous movies (The Lizard)

This week marks exactly 6 months since I've started this blog. And seeing that in my very first post I featured the teaser trailer for this movie, it is only fitting that today I feature the full length one. So, time to feast your eyes on the clip then:


  1. I'm not really keen of The Lizard as the first villain in this reboot...however I gotta admit..trailer looks interesting..

  2. The Lizard in the clip doesn't look too good, but I'm just glad its different than the original

  3. Dammit... bloody trailers! Yet another film that I didn't think needed to happen but now I'm gonna have to see!


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