Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Mirror Mirror [2012]

Release Date: 29 March 2012 (Malaysia), 30 March 2012 (USA)
Directed By: Tarsem Singh
Written By: Melissa Wallack, Jason Keller, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grim
Starring: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane
Duration: 106 minutes
In A Nutshell: 
A fresh take on the classic fairy tale of Snow White. The Queen (played by Julia Roberts) has taken over the kingdom after the death of the King and has ruled with an evil finger. She has set herself the target of marrying a rich and handsome Prince (played by Armie Hammer) so she can steal all his wealth. She has also secretly ordered the murder of Princess Snow White (played by Lily Collins) in the woods. Snow White is spared her life by the Queen's assistant Brighton (played by Nathan Lane) and seeks the help of seven rebels.
Thumbs Up:
+ Fresh take on a classic fairytale
+ Amusing enough jokes that are worth a few chuckles (see also "Thumbs Down")
+ As you would expect from director Tarsem Singh, the film's visuals are elegant
Thumbs Down:
- As mentioned in "Thumbs Up", it has a few chuckles, but nothing really to make you laugh out loud
- Lacking any sense of adventure or emotional heart

The Verdict Is In:
Director Tarsem Singh's last effort Immortals [2011] seemed to polarise the audience's opinions with some labelling it as awesome while others condemning it as one of the year's worst. I was in no doubt with the latter category so it was interesting how Tarsem's latest offering would fare. After the credits rolled, I wouldn't say I'm converted into an admirer but he has somewhat redeemed himself in my books.

Mirror Mirror is decent enough of a film in a very cartoonish sort of way. It would have worked well as an animation. And I'm not talking Pixar here (or Disney too since it doesn't have any singing). It was cute and amusing but ultimately lacked any emotional heart or elements of thrill and adventure to break that barrier and make it memorable amongst adults. Most of the entertainment is provided by the humorous roles of the Seven Dwarfs and also by the Queen's assistant, Brighton.

It's safe to say that Mirror Mirror won't be featuring in anyone's Top Movies Of The Year list but is an entertaining enough feature to spend your week with especially considering your other option is Wrath Of The Titans [2012] (to be fair I haven't seen it, but after getting bored with the first of that series, will not be spending my time and money for a trip to the cinemas).
6 out of 10


  1. Not sure I'm going to rush out and see this one. Liked The Fall but other than that, not a big fan of Singh's work and this doesn't sound that appealing.

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Tarsem too. Interestingly, after I saw this movie, I happened to caught the trailer to "Snow White And The Huntsman", and that seems to blow "Mirror Mirror" out of the water. Charlize Theron seems menacingly evil in that.

  3. Wrath was pretty bad..nasib ko tgk yg ni instead

  4. Bad? Not surprised at all.. hehe..

  5. They don't show it here yet. But based on your review, maybe I shouldn't rush too much to watch it. So, you think it's better with animation? I guess they failed to adapt it for human version. Thanks for sharing this, Asrap.

  6. Nice review! I won't be watching this one, the trailer out me off for good.

  7. @Andina: It doesn't necessarily have to be animation, but it has a cartoon-ish feel too it, minus the singing. It is a Disney movie afterall. Think of "101 Dalmations" or that Amy Adams Disney movie where she plays a princess.

    @Sati: I guess it was average only. But seeing the trailer "Snow White And The Huntsman", this version seems very tame indeed.

  8. Nice review! I like Tarsem's visual flair but this one just didn't seem right somehow, and the trailer was just weird. I might rent it on a slow night, but definitely isn't worth seeing on the big screen.

  9. Yup, definitely not a loss if you miss it at the theatres.


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