Friday, March 2, 2012

Uggie (The Artist): The Dog With A Twitter Account

So awards season has finally come to an end, with silent movie, The Artist [2011] coming out as the big winner everywhere. Having finally got to see this delightfully clever film just in time before The Oscars last week, I too have become a huge fan. In fact, this movie along with Hugo [2011] and its story of Georges Melies has inspired me to watch more classic silent films.

Director Michel Hazanavicius' vision for for The Artist was just beautiful, while Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo delivered great performances without even having to utter a single word (spoilers: that's actually not quite true :D ). However there was another stand-out performance from that film that I completely loved, and that belonged to... UGGIE THE DOG.

A quick search on the Internet had revealed that I was not the only person to be captivated by this Jack Rusell Terrier's performance. In fact a Facebook campaign called "Consider Uggie" had been created by an editor from Movieline, for Uggie to receive a real or honorary Oscar nomination! Apparently the editor felt that Uggie had outperformed Leonardo DiCaprio's performace in J. Edgar [2011], although probably not as good as George Clooney in The Descendants [2011]. Just typing that sentence alone has given me one huge smile! Uggie eventually didn't get a Oscar or Golden Globe nomination (although he was on stage when The Artist won Best Picture at both awards shows), but he did manage to get a few other awards. 

The Prix Lumiere Awards (the French equivalent to The Golden Globes) gave Uggie a special mention, The Cannes Film Festival bestowed him The Palm Dog Award, while several BAFTA (Britain's equivalent to Oscars) members had even inquired if they were allowed to vote Uggie for Best Actor! If your laughing at all this, bear in mind this quote from the Consider Uggie campaign: "People say dogs in films are just doing what they are told. But an actor is just following a director's orders. They say that a dog is only working for sausages., but an actor is only doing it for his paycheque".

Uggie is 9 years old and typically like plenty other good stories about Hollywood veterans had a hell-raising past too. In his early years he was rejected by at least two owners for being too wild. He was about to be taken to a dog pound when Omar Van Muller, an animal trainer working in the film industry, was alerted to his plight by friends. Uggie has since worked in films such as Wassup Rockers [2005], Mr. Fix It [2006], and Water For Elephants [2011].

Proof that he has achieved full fledged celebrity status can be seen in fact that he now has his own personal account on Twitter (LOL! And who cares if he doesn't write his own tweets, there are plenty of celebs who hire people to maintain their social networking sites) and also has been made spokesperson spokesdog for Nintendo. He will promote their 3DS video game "Nintendogs + Cats". You know you're a celebrity when you're asked to represent a video game, haha!

Finally here's a clip of Uggie on stage with the rest of the cast and crew of The Artist for winning Best Motion Picture-Comedy Or Musical at the Golden Globe Awards.


  1. I love it that he's still stealing the limelight in that clip. What an awesome dog!

  2. I still can't believe they let a dog into the awards show!

  3. I never thought Uggie the dog would be so popular. Though he was great in The Artist. I saw Water for Elephants and didn't remember him. Well, bigger roles for current year :D Probably the most popular dog now.
    Great post!

  4. Thanks Andina... I wonder who would actually make a speech if he did win an award!

  5. Uggie is awesome and the tricks he does in all the talk shows are ironically even more impressive than what he does in the film :)

  6. I've just seen the clips of him on the talk shows... makes me adore him even more!


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