Thursday, June 14, 2012

100 Film Facts About Me

Now this is inspired by a post from the future director of exploitation flicks, the one and only Stevee Taylor down at Cinematic Paradox. Other people like Lesya from Eternity Of Dream has also made one. I reckoned this would be an interesting topic to cover but somewhere around fact #16 I realised how freaking hard this was turning out to be. I was already out of ideas. So kudos to you guys who've managed to conjure up 100. Respect!

 Now reading a lot of facts can sometime be tedious so I'm trying my best not to be too serious and I hope people don't take my writing literally. I'm not that weird. If some sounds familiar, that's because I recycled facts from my previous posts or taken comments which I left on other blogs. Like I said, I prematurely... ehem... ran out of ideas.

#1 Movies in my Top 5, Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 or Top whatever will constantly change but two spots are reserved for (1) Back To The Future [1985] (2) at least one Pixar movie.

#2 I firmly believe that the headquarters of Pixar is actually a portal to a mystical and magical world/wonderland. That's their secret to producing great movies each and everytime (with the exception of Cars 2 [2011] ).

#3 I don't care what people think, but I still get teary-eyed every time I get even a glimpse of that early scene of Carl and Ellie's life in Pixar's Up [2009].

#4 The same applies when hearing the music score that accompanied that magical scene: "Married Life".

#5 I hate it when come awards season, and a Pixar film is nominated for Best Picture, some people will go "Its a cartoon, no way is it Best Picture material"

#6 I eagerly mark the days off the calender in anticipation for October 21st, 2015. Don't you know? That will be the landmark day when Marty McFly, Doc. Brown, and Jennifer Parker arrive in the future from the year 1985.

#7 I reckon I've already saved the adequate amount of money needed to buy one of those flying hoverboards once they come out. If it still costs too much, I'll sell my car (who needs cars when you have a hoverboard). If the price goes any higher than that, then they'll better make sure the hoverboard has its own App Store to justify the price.

#8 If there is such a thing as a God Of Film, then his name is Christopher Nolan.

#9 I love good big-budgeted blockbusters as much as I do good small Indie Films. A good film is a good film.

#10 I grew up in the 80s, so movies from that period will forever be my favourites. That's when I realised I was in love with film.

#11 I happen to be among the very few people on this planet who didn't enjoy Blade Runner [1982]. I estimate there are only 304 of us people. From that number, I reckon 63.72% is covered by conspiracy theorist, Scrooge McDuck, and Kanye West because these guys seem to hate everything so why not they hate this movie too.

#12 The most bizarre cinema experience I've ever had was while watching LOTR: Return Of The King [2003]. A guy kept talking on his cellphone and when people told him too keep quiet, he shouted and argued back. The audience in turn threw things at him (I might had propelled a popcorn or two his way. Nothing much I know. I value my food). Luckily the cinema staff came to escort him away as the entire theatre applauded and cheered. Now that was a waaay better experience than any 3D glasses could ever dream to provide.

#13 You know all those exagerrated Chuck Norris jokes on the internet? I believe they are much suited to Indian actor, Rajinikanth. Go Google some of movie clips on Youtube, they are so ridiculous. No, I haven't fully seen any of his movies either.

#14 13.08% of George Lucas' wealth is contributed by me. Throughout the years I've owned multiple VHSs, DVDs, variety of action figures, posters, replica light sabers (anyone has a real one, please contact me ASAP), Darth Vader helmet with voice changer, replica model of the Millenium Falcon, lego toys, etc. AND TO THINK THAT I HATED THE PREQUEL MOVIES!!!

#15 I can't say I hate George Lucas but I have a profound dislike for Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen.

#16 I still have no idea how old Harold was in the film Harold And Maude [1971]. Anyone?

#17 Unlike the majority of people, I don't prefer the back row seats of a cinema. Fourth or fifth row from the screen/front is usually my choice.

#18 I'm usually the one designated to book tickets, so friends and family are left annoyed with my choice of seats. Apparently the excuse "These were the only seats available" doesn't work when its a half-empty theatre. Must work on my Jedi mind tricks a little more it seems.

#19 If memory serves me correctly, the first horror movie I ever saw was the original Fright Night [1985]. Since then, the dialogue "You must have faith for that to work on me" seemed to be uttered by every horrible creature that I fought in my childhood nightmares. I don't remember ever waking up to a happy ending as kid. Rescuing the girl truly was just for the movies.

#20 As a young boy seeing the early scenes of Stephen King's It [1990] for the first time, I muttered the words "A clown scaring off kids? What kind of a stupid movie is this?". I ended the night terrified of going to the bathroom alone. (Young boy? I was 11 I think).

#21 With the exception of a very few, I'm largely not fond of slasher and gore films.

#22 I enjoy a wide variety of genres but Superheroes, Sc-Fi, Fantasy, Action, and Adventure are my favourites.

#23 Seeing that English isn't actually my mother tongue, its kinda ironic when I refer to non-English films as "foreign-language films".

#24 I prefer subtitled movies rather than dubbed ones. MUCH PREFER.

#25 No matter how terrible, I have never stormed out of the cinema before the film ended (toilet breaks don't count of course... even that I rarely do).

#26 The closest I came to storming out though was during Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li [2009] (sorry Kristin Kreuk, but almost everything especially Chris Klein's acting was unbearably abysmal).

#27  I actually learned the meaning of the word "abysmal" from Disney's Aladdin [1992]

#28 Forget the origin story of Captain America, here's a true story. At sometime during the 1920s, scientists performed a top secret genetic engineering experiment to create the perfect female specimen: An exceptional woman with a face radiating with explicit beauty, mannerisms that illuminates with elegance, and an accent and speaking voice of unequivocal delicacy. The result was Audrey Hepburn. Even with those high standards, I think they actually over-achieved by creating her!

#29 If I was a woman, I would go head over heels with Robert Downey Jr. The man just exudes charisma from every single pore available to his body.

#30 On the other hand, someone who is somehow popular but is completely devoid of charisma is Ashton Kutcher. Sorry if you're a fan but I find him completely boring, and to think he'll be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie!

#31 The same applies to Adam Sandler. Some of his movies and jokes might be funny, but as an actor I find him to be extremely dull.

#32 It has been cited that Edward Norton's performance in American History X [1998] as a perfect representation for the body language of an alpha male. I couldn't agree more.

#33 Not trying to be a snob here. But there's not many of my local Malaysian films that I enjoy. An exception is the legendary P.Ramlee but his 50s and 60s movies are more heavily related to local culture, so foreigners might not be able to relate. Kinda of like an inside-joke that other people won't get. That being said he did win several Asia Film Festival Awards.

#34 Although the number of modern Malaysian movies that I fancy is limited, I do recognise the fact that actress Intan Ladyana (photo below) is the cutest darn thing ever (behind Audrey Hepburn of course.... and Rooney Mara, whom strikes an uncanny resemblence to Audrey).

#35 I've never seen any of the Twilight movies in full. Just a few scenes here and there while hovering over the shoulders of my teenage cousins and their laptops.

#36 Going to either the San Diego or New York Comic Con is still an unfulfilled wish of mine (hey, all my savings are meant for that hoverboard I mentioned in #7).

#37 I would love to be able to attend the Sundance Film Festival someday too.

#38 I'm probably in the minority here again but I enjoyed Zack Snyder's version of Dawn Of The Dead [2004] more than the original 1978 version by George A. Romero.

#39 Proof of time travel can be seen by looking at Johnny Depp and Jennifer Beals. They look exactly the same now as they did during the 1980s.

#40 Proudest film recommendation from movie-buff-to-casual-film-viewer: Playing Warrior [2011] for a bunch of gym buddies and watching these bulky and muscular men shed man-tears at the climax. Who cares if the story is cliche? Then again this might not be a huge achievement considering one of them admits to being a huge fan of The Notebook [2004]. Again, I haven't seen it so trying to keep an open mind.

#41 My all-time favourite gym music is "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky 2 [1979]. No matter how tired or out of breath I am, when the music reaches the part when Sylvester Stallone bursts out a sudden sprint and separates himself from the following pack of kids (photo below), there's always an extra rush of adrenaline to keep pushing me to go further.

#42 After all these years of trying, I still can't do those one-handed push-ups Rocky does. This despite Yoda's voice in my head pestering me with his "Do or do not. There is no try". You're a Jedi Master, Yoda. Its easy for you to say.

#43 Most inspiring movie speech: Troy [2004]. The amount of gusto that Brad Pitt delivered "Let no man forget how menacing we are. We are lions! Do you know what's waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! Its yours!" is just sublimely spine chilling. Kristen Stewart, take note. That's how you deliver a war speech.

#44 I must have once re-winded Liam Neeson's telephone monolgue in Taken [2008] around 756 times in a row. It was that awesome! I'm now considering making it my phone's answering machine message.

#45 Until this very day, The Wicked Witch Of The West still gives me the creeps.

#46 I still think Judd Nelson looked too old to play a high school student in The Breakfast Club [1985].

#47 Still undecided on which Aaron Sorkin screenplay has the best dialogues: A Few Good Men [1992] or The Social Network [2010].

#48 My choice for best on-screen chemistry is the one shared between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in the movies Before Sunrise [1995] and Before Sunset [2004].

#49 The cutest couple however aren't even humans: WALL-E and EVE.

#50 I hope more people get to see Miranda July's Me And You And Everyone We Know [2005].

#51  Her second movie, The Future [2011] however is a little too quirky for my liking. Verging on the "weird" territory.

#52 Speaking of weird, that's often the case with Studio Ghibli and most other Japanese films. Yet somehow they manage to make it work (most of the time).

#53 I have a terrible case of motion sickness so I really hate the shaky-cam technique.

#54 That being said Jason Bourne is my favourite movie secret agent and I love all his films.

#55 I always played Mexican Stand-off with James Bond at the start of his films (you guys know perfectly which scene!). 

#56 After years of him being underrated, I was elated when Joss Whedon was named director for The Avengers [2012] and just knew it would be his big breakthrough.

#57 It seems like a sense of deja vu to #56, with Shane Black being named as director for Iron Man 3 [2013].

#58 The ghost sound from Ju-on [2002]/The Grudge [2004]  (clip below) was briefly my phone ring tone. Looking at people's reaction late at night in a near empty parking lot is always, to put it mildly.... amusing!

#59 My favourite non-Pixar animation is Brad Bird's The Iron Giant [1999].

#60 ..... and also Tangled [2010]. I don't care if its a girly movie.

#61 I extremely love the short animated films they show before every Pixar movie.

#62 I've also stayed back for every after-credits bonus scene from those Marvel movies. Nowadays almost every film that has a cliff-hanger ending to it, I'll imagine Nick Fury appearing after the credits.

#63 A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin) [2011] is the first Iranian film that I saw. It was a real eye-opener.

#64 Like many other people, before the year 2011 I had no idea who Jessica Chastain was. All of a sudden she's everywhere and being awesome in everything too. Shame that she had to pull out of Iron Man 3 [2013].

#65 In terms of movie websites, I refer to IMDB for facts and details but prefer Rotten Tomatoes for reviews and ratings.

#66 I used to love The Rotten Tomatoes Show and was devastated when it was cancelled. I didn't even read a lot of movie blogs back then. The show was already perfect. 

#67 Michael J. Fox was one of my earliest heroes.

#68 Yes, the inspiration for this blog's name came from a quote from Michael's film Back To The Future [1985]. My first choice for the blog's name however was 1point21gigawatts (also a quote from the movie), but it was already taken.

#69 Another one of his films that I used to remember every scene and dialogue verbatim was The Secret Of My Success [1987].

#70 One more Michael J. Fox film I used to remember verbatim when I was younger was the very cheesy Teen Wolf [1985].

#71 Talking of cheesy and campy films that I enjoyed, the same applied to Masters Of The Universe [1987] which starred Dolph Lundgren and at that time an unknown Courtney Cox. I never enjoyed it to the point that I could remember every scene though.

#72 Whenever I think of perseverance or creating a long term plan, I'm reminded of that majestic film know as The Shawshank Redemption [1994]. I even have Morgan Freeman's voice narrating in my head while I conjure the plan up.

#73 Since the trend in Hollywood nowadays is making a films out of retro TV shows, I would like to see a movie made about MacGyver [1985-1992]. I don't know how they'll make it relevant to this current era though. I mean who needs a Swiss Arrmy Knife when smart phones nowadays can do almost anything.

#74 A movie about Thundercats [1985-1987] could also be interesting. No, scrap that idea. Hollywood would probably get someone like Michael Bay to screw it up.

#75 Since now that I'm working in Network Security, those hacking scenes in films such as Hackers [1995] or Weird Science [1985] seem really ridiculous instead of cool.

#76 There's probably thousands of times that I wished the day would just loop endlessly like in Groundhog Day [1993].

#77 I think Bill Murray is one of the most underrated actors ever. Please, oh please be in Ghostbusters 3 [201?].

#78 I always wonder what it would be like if Will Smith had accepted the role of Neo in The Matrix [1999] instead of Wild Wild West [1999].

#79 .....also what would the character Col. Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds [2009] be like if Leonardo DiCaprio had accepted the role. Christoph Waltz however is still perfect.

#80 I still wonder what happened to the actress who played the character Newt (Carrie Henn) in Aliens [1986].

#81 I still think that Alien: Resurrection [1997] isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Thankfully director Jen-Pierre Jeunet redeemed himself with the wonderful film Amelie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain) [2001].

#82 Director David Fincher obviously redeemed himself with every movie he has made since, but I still didn't like Alien3 [1992].

#83 I think that Brad Bird is next in line to join the directing greats.

#84 There is a rare medical condition out there known as "Didn't enjoy The Usual Suspects [1995] Syndrome". It affects every 1 in 17 people. I believe I was inflicted because I managed to predict the "twist" of the movie very early on.

#85 Talking of movie twists, the impact of The Sixth Sense [1999] was reduced on me just because some moronic movie reviewer in my local newspaper revealed the twist.... in his first sentence!! Journalist my ass!!

#86 In terms of the bad rep M. Night Shyamalan receives, I actually enjoyed his film The Village [2004].

#87 If I knew nothing about Sean Penn before I saw the movie I Am Sam [2001], I would have believed he was mentally-challenged in real life. Truly awesome performance. Denzel Washington was great but Sean Penn should have won the Oscar that year.

#88 The same applies to Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man [1988]. The only difference is he actually won the Oscar.

#89 I still can't believe that Russell Brand is a member of AMPAS when so many other good actors still aren't.

#90 I wanted to visit New Zealand ever since I saw The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring [2001].

#92 I wanted to visit Norway ever since I saw Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren) [2011].

#93 During my student days me and my roommates rented the VHS version of legendary Japanese horror flick, Ringu [1998], just to see what would happen since we didn't own any telephones back then. Everyday we received an e-mail instead telling us how many days we had left to live.

#94 Okay, in all honesty I played that trick years later on my ex-girlfriend. For seven days, I would borrow different people's mobile phone to call her and leave the message "Seven more days until you die.....", "Six more days until you die...". Yeah, is it any wonder that we're no longer together.

#95 On the rare occasions that I make a pathetic attempt at cooking, I visualise the movie Julie & Julia [2009].

#96 Whenever I'm painting the house, washing the car, or any other tedious chore, I use the techniques taught by Mr. Miyagi to Daniel-son in Karate Kid [1984]: "Wax on, wax off".

#97 I found out to my own expense a long time ago that Karate Kid's crane stance didn't work.

#98 The scene in Project Nim [2011] where Nim meets other apes for the first time will forever be imprinted in my mind.

#99 I bet most of you didn't realise I skipped #91. Hey, I told you early on that it was hard coming up with facts to do this.

#100 Doing this list was exhausting. Right now I'm glad its over but I have to admit its been fun!


  1. Totally didn't notice you skipped 91! But that's because reading the facts was so fun! Great post! I'm most concerned about the Michael Bay Thundercats movie you are sort of predicting. I can see it now and it fills me with fear.

    1. I totally running out of ideas so that was a cop out on my part. In fact #99 & #100 aren't even real movie facts.

  2. The story about the guy on the phone at LOTR viewing cracked me up.

    I like how you described Audrey Hepburn!

    Oh yes, I know, it's exhausting. Don't know about you but I started the list on one day and continued/finished it the day after. And it's still was bloody difficult.

    1. Yeah, I started a day earlier too. At first I decided to settle on 50 facts but suddenly was reminded by Shawshank Redemption and perseverance. So Morgan Freeman narrated in my head as I wrote the rest :)

  3. Impressive list. I still haven't finish my 100 movie quotes! 100 is a lot of numbers. But could see why making the list is appealing to you.
    I love Hepburn as well and when I see someone cooked Lobster I immediately think about Julie & Julia too. And yes, subtitled movie is so much better than the dubbed ones.
    The #76 is a pretty cool thinking.

    1. Oh, yeah. I once saw an episode of Masterchef USA and a contestant was struggling to kill the lobster. I immediately thought of Julie & Julia.

  4. I really love this list, man, you sound like an awesome person!

    I love that you think that Chris Nolan is a God of film. All the film snobs hate him, but it is me and you and him to the end now. I love him.

    I love your Warrior story. I showed it to a couple of my friends and we all sat there crying.

    OMG I loved The Rotten Tomatoes Show too! I used to watch it all the time. I wish it would come back.

    And don't worry, you're not the only one who didn't enjoy Blade Runner.

    Anyway, I might actually make some exploitation flicks just for you!

    1. Huge credit to you for creating this idea.

      I figure most AMPAS members don't like (more likely) fear Nolan. That's why he's yet to be nominated best director at the Oscars.

      Rotten Tomatoes Show was THE movie show to watch!

  5. Oh my god- RAJNIKANTH! Rajnikanth > Chuck Norris everytime!

    Great list :D

    1. Hell yeah Rajnikanth! I don't even need to see his scenes, just think about Sivaji The Boss make me burst out in laughter.

  6. #12 sangat menarik weih...serious terjadi camtu sekali? aku paling teruk pon bayi menangis...patut record letak dlm utube kejadian tu

    1. Yup, kat Summit USJ. Tahun 2003 mana ada Youtube lagi. Cameraphone pon x ramai org pakai. Itu pon kualiti rendah. Aku rasa phone yg bole tangakp video pon xde lagi time tuh. Kalo ada pon mesti mahal gile.

      Bayi nangis aku rasa lagi teruk, pasal org x brani/kesian sket nak marah.

  7. Julie and Julia always makes me hungry. Same goes for that scene from Goodfellas where they are cooking in prison. I too also liked the Village, it was a lovely romance story. Love this one - "If I was a woman, I would go head over heels with Robert Downey Jr. The man just exudes charisma from every single pore available to his body". The man is just incredible.

    1. Thanks Sati. Robert Downey truly is awesome. I loved your 100 facts list.

  8. Awesome Asrap! I've been meaning to do this list but just haven't got time to do it.

    Oh I'm w/ you about the early scene of Carl and Ellie in UP, I always tear up watching that. Also #90, man I wish I had the money to do that soon!

    Interesting that you prefer to sit in front in the movies, I always like to be in the back, 3-4th rows from the back and center :D

    1. Thanks. You should do the list, I know it'll be interesting. BTW, it took me two days to complete, so just take your time.

  9. silap ah kalau kau panggil kau movie nerd, tapi kau sebenarnya movie maniac! senarai hebat bro! amat suka, khusus drama bercakap dlm pawagam, sewaktu tayangan, sinema paradiso kau sendiri:)

    1. Thanks. Tapi try tgk senarai movie blog lain yg aku list kat colum blh kanan page nih.... jauh lagi hebat2.


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