Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: The Lego Movie [2014]

"♬♪♩♬♪ Everything Is Awesome..... ♬♪♩♬♪"

Release Date: 6 February 2014 (Malaysia), 7 February 2014 (USA)
Directed By: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Written By: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Voiced By: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Nick Offerman
Duration: 100 minutes

In A Nutshell:
Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) is a very average, instructions-obeying construction worker who soon finds out he is "The Special". According to the prophecy made by Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman), he will be the one to stop the evil President Business (voiced by Will Ferrell) from 'destroying' the universe. Emmet and Vitruvius are joined in their quest with Wyldstyle (voice by Elizabeth Bath), Batman (voiced by Will Arnet), Spaceman Benny (voiced by Charlie Day), Unikitty (voiced by Alison Brie), and Metal Beard (voice by Nick Offerman).

Thumbs Up:
+ The huge crossovers of various pop-culture characters. Crossovers are always fun, see The Avengers [2012] and Wreck-It Ralph [2012] for recent proof.
+ BATMAN!!! The Caped Crusader has always been DC Comics' best character. But he is just hilarious in this one!
+ Star Wars = Enough to give me full nerdgasm. Star Wars AND Batman in the same scene = I've just died and gone to nerd heaven!!
+ Excellent voice cast. If having Liam Neeson (voicing the character: Bad Cop) wasn't awesome enough, they also have Morgan "Voice Of God" Freeman!
+ The theme song, "Everything is awesome", on its own might not be too special. But when tied-in with this movie, it becomes extremely addictive and uplifting. I just can't get it out of my head right now. In fact I reckon if listening to it while going to work, it'll significantly help to reduce the "Monday Blues" effect.
+ Despite the story/plot being very simple one, it is also a very intelligent. Yes, it is possible to be both.
+ Imaginative and beautiful animation. Sure, all animated films are beautiful nowadays, but the Lego stop-motion technique here is really refreshing.
+ Full of fun and really does offer a laugh every minute.
+ Heart-warming scene involving the "Man Upstairs" near the end of the movie.
Thumbs Down:
- People not familiar with the pop-culture characters might not get some of the jokes. Their lost.

The Verdict Is In:
January-April isn't traditionally a period that serves us excellent movies, so I was rather surprised at how much fun I had watching this animated gem. It was filled with laughs from start to finish. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are continuing to impress me. They previously came up with the hugely entertaining Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs [2009]  (the second installment had different directors and maybe that was why it wasn't as entertaining) and then followed it up with their funny rendition of 21 Jump Street [2012]. Now, with The Lego Movie, they have raised their own bar to even greater heights.

As absurd as it sounds, this movie has made Christian Bale no longer my favorite Batman. That honor now belongs the Dark Knight from this film. There are many lovable characters on show here, but Will Arnett's portrayal is pure comedic genius. Now the only thing left for me to do is to buy some new Legos and keep on humming that theme song for a few more weeks. ♬♪♩♬♪ Everything is awesome...... ♬♪♩♬♪
9 out of 10


  1. Hi Asrap! I just finished my review and we're pretty much in agreement. It's such a fun movie but also with plenty of heart. Ha..ha.. so Will Arnett's Batman is your new fave, eh? Yeah he's a hoot though Liam Neeson is quite the scene-stealer as the good cop/bad cop. Ultimately though, it's about Emmet and he's an easy hero to root form, great voice casting there w/ Chris Pratt.

    1. Hi Ruth! When watching I actually thought the good cop's voice was someone else. It sounded different. Yup, there's so much to enjoy here. And this Lego Batman rules!!!!

  2. akunyer fav part adalah Spaceships! spaceships! ...nangis2 aku gelak part tu...siap tunggu credit tgk sapa yg voice him..dan mmg tak terkejut..Charlie Day mmg pelakon yg gelut!..
    aku agak terkejut aku suka cerita ni...tapikan..pawagam aku tgk mostly ramai bisu...terus aku confuse..few people je gelak kuat cam aku..dan aku ni jenis shy kalau spotlight jatuh atas aku..:P

    1. haha... mmg lawak part tu... tambah bila Batman ckp "BATspaceship!"....
      mungkin org x ramai gelak pasal diorg x phm pop-culture characters dlm tu kot... aku pon ngan adik2 aku je yg gelak time line batman "the hero you deserve" n lain2...

  3. I haven't seen 21 Jump St, but you make an excellent point about the directors. These guys know how to make something funny. The first Cloudy was awesome... the second... goodness.

    I can't wait to see this one.

    1. Yeah, I really do like the directors. All 3 films so far have surprised me at how much I enjoyed them. But I'll have high expectations for their next movie.

  4. I love that song sooooo much!!! YES!!! Everything is Awesome! The Star Wars/Batman scene was hilarious!! I love Lonely Island so much and I totally knew it was them in the song right away. I would actually go and see this movie in the theater again!

    1. I actually am planning to see it in theaters again too! Many friends who haven't seen it yet are excited to go, so I'll be more than happy to tag along!

  5. It makes me happy to be able to recommend this to anyone, and just know that they'll have a wonderful time. Good review Asrap.

    1. Thanks Dan! They indeed will have a wonderful time!


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